Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington – I think the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, Washington is one of the dog-friendly hotels in Washington State.

Disclosure: I have paid to stay at another Adrift Hospitality property. However, in this case, they gave me a free accommodation to tell you about Adrift.

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

Whether you want to take your dog for a run on the weekend, enjoy a relaxing weekend with your dog, or work away from home (working holiday) with your dog curled up by your side, check out Adrift. Hotel.

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Bonus: If you have an old or injured dog that needs to be pulled in a car or stroller, the Discovery Trail is a real gem.

“Pets are allowed in all of our rooms… There are no restrictions regarding the breed or weight of the pet – if they can fit in the door, they can stay!”

Allegedly, Adrift Hotel limits animals such as cows and mini horses (unless mini horses are service animals, of course there are).

The general limit of pets is 3 per room. However, it depends on the size of the animal.

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I was told that they would probably limit the number of large dogs in the room to 3. However, they allow up to 4 small dogs.

I asked about other types of animals such as cats, hamsters, ferrets and pot-bellied pigs because I have friends with these pets.

I have been told that they are allowed as long as the owner can keep control of them (on a leash or cage) and clean them.

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

I would like to note that while I was doing research, I came across a 2018 review on TripAdvisor of the Adrift Hotel which stated that the hotel does not allow cats.

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I’m not sure of the context of the description, or what your experiences were while staying with your cats, or even if they were staying in a hotel, but in my conversation, the feeling was not good.

Apart from being a great place to vacation with your dog on the beach, there are many other interesting things at Adrift Hotel that have nothing to do with dogs.

Are in the pool/sauna room), you can put your dog in the car if it’s cold, or have someone else in your group watch him, while you take advantage of the facilities.

Adrift distillery next door produces craft vodka, gin, whiskey and cranberry liqueur (the region is a major producer of cranberries).

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Shower gel, lotion and shampoo/conditioner are provided in large containers, not small single-use plastic containers.

Honestly, I think the best thing you can do with your dog in Long Beach is take him to the beach once in a while.

It’s always fun and there’s always something for your dog to smell. However, different things can appear on the beach at each wave cycle.

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

But if you’re looking for additional activities to do with your dog within 30 minutes of Hotel Adrift, here are my suggestions:

Enjoying A Dog Friendly Vacation At The Adrift Hotel In Long Beach, Wa

Visit Clark’s Tree, a bronze memorial statue at the north end of the Discovery Trail, commemorating Lewis and Clark’s journey across North America.

Fort Columbia State Park was built between 1896 and 1903 and is considered one of the most historic coastal defense sites in the US.

The 618-day park is located along 6,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on the Columbia River. It is located within the Traditional Area of ​​the Chinook Indian Nation and is designated a National Historic Site.

Dogs are allowed on the 1.5-mile-long area and trails, but not in the park buildings.

Long Beach Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals

Visit historic Astoria, Oregon to enjoy a small fishing village in the northwest corner of Oregon.

You can walk along the boardwalk to try to spot the sea lions on the pier. You may hear it before you see it.

Climb the hill to see the 125-tall Astoria Column (dogs are allowed in certain areas, but not inside the tower).

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

This means there are lots of dogs and children on the beach, and this is not a good situation if you have an active dog.

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This means that, since one of the main attractions of Long Beach is being able to drive there, there will be a lot of traffic that you’ll have to avoid.

My favorite time to visit Long Beach and stay at the Adrift Hotel is weekdays from October to mid-April.

Temperatures during fall, winter, and early spring typically vary between 50 and 60 F. And when the sun comes out, it can feel much hotter than that.

Going to the beach in the colder months means cold days and there can be rain and wind, but I love storm watching on windy beach days.

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If you want to dine with your dog at Adrift Hotel you don’t even need to leave your room.

In the summer, you can sit at one of the Cove restaurant’s outdoor tables (bonus: they have a Patio Pup menu).

I love that their policy is pet friendly. In fact, I believe it is one of the most flexible pet programs ever.

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

Hi, I’m Jessica. I am a dachshund breeder, president of the largest dachshund club in Washington State, dog trainer in training, and dachshund owner for 20 years. I have over 150,000 hours of experience with this brand. When I’m not working, you can find me hiking, camping, and hiking with my dangerous dachshund. LBP has gone to the dogs! Pacific County on the Washington coast is a pet-friendly place to visit in the Pacific Northwest. The Long Beach Peninsula is nirvana for dogs. Great place to walk the dog. Let your fur baby experience the fun of 28 miles of open beaches and 14.5 miles of Discovery Trail. Make your visit a breeze by offering you and your pet a comfortable stay in one of our friendly accommodations. After a fun day at the beach, enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants with pet-friendly patios. There’s no reason to leave your furry friend at home when visiting LBP. 

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You both need to spend time outside to refresh and reset. Get out on the sand and indulge in everyone’s favorite activity: go to the beach, spend some time walking in the waves while your dog enjoys the beautiful views, come storm or shine. If you’re looking for adventure, our national parks are filled with stunning ocean views, historic lighthouses and lush forests. For a fun walk in the dunes, visit the Discovery Trail, a multi-use paved trail from the Lewis & Clark ride west north of Long Beach to Ilwaco Harbor with several access points. 

If you’re planning a longer visit to LBP (perhaps you work away), there are plenty of “volunteer” opportunities for dog lovers. Take a step forward by joining the South Pacific County Humane Society’s dog walking team. Make a difference during your stay and give your dog some much needed exercise and affection.  

Remember to redesign responsibly. Be sure to keep your pets on a leash on trails and parks. Watch for cyclists and pedestrians and do not let ropes cross the road, especially on blind corners. 

Here at LBP we know that a dog is often part of the family. There are many lodging options to choose from, including hotels, cabins, and RV parks. Dogs are also welcome at many holiday resorts. Bloomer Estates Vacation Rentals and Pacific Realty offer a variety of pet-friendly homes, cabins and condos. Visit our accommodation page, where you can easily find pet-friendly accommodation partners using our search service tool. 

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In addition to “walk-in” and “take-out” (covered and out of sight) options, many restaurants allow dogs in outdoor seating areas. You can find dogs sitting outside the restaurant in its pet-friendly area. Cove Restaurant has a pet-friendly patio and a special baby-friendly patio menu with delicious juices. Find dog friendly restaurants on our website. 

Make sure to take lots of photos of your dog at the beach. Use the hashtag #LBPDOG to share photos of your pup. Submit your best photos to our Facebook page. Check out our previous winners here! 

If you have an emergency with your pet or need a new toy or treat during your visit, there are local businesses ready to help you and your four-legged friend. For veterinary services, Oceanside Animal Clinic is a clinic with complete services, from routine diagnosis to dental care and emergency care. 

Dog Friendly Vacations Washington

Lack of supply? Visit The Dennis Company, a one-stop shop selling pet supplies, pet beds and carriers, shampoo, toys, food and anything else you might need during your visit. 

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Dogs should be well looked after wherever they go, and their owners should clean up their 4-legged friends’ messes (yes, even at the beach!). The section of beach between Seaview and Bolstad beaches will be closed to motorized vehicles between April 15 and September 15. However, please remember that driving is permitted in many areas

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