Trip With Dog Status

Trip With Dog Status – We moved to Thailand to retire soon. We have built a great business and thinking about things related to covid and the mid-life crisis, we decided we had enough to retire. My parents are from Thailand, so I have Thai citizenship and can speak/read Thai (at least enough to get around).

At the end of 2020/2021, after a long time together due to covid restrictions, we decided to visit Thailand. No one was flying or traveling and we were one of the few adventure travel heroes.

Trip With Dog Status

Trip With Dog Status

It was scary, but with 10 people on the plane and all spread out all over the plane, we quickly realized that the safest place was inside the plane or in the airport. We are almost the only ones in ICN during our transmission. It’s amazing. It reminded us of some scenes in “The Terminal”.

Pet Policies For Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines And Other Domestic Carriers

We spent 2 weeks confined to a hotel room. Luckily we picked our hotel and got a room at the Bangkok Lancaster.

After the first week of not leaving the room, we were allowed 45 minutes of outside time. I thought ahead and decided to turn the venue’s living room into a dance studio, playing “Just Dance” on our Nintendo Switch connected to the hotel TV. We recorded the dance and I brought a video recording device with me to record the video stream from the Switch for the game. I decided to include it in more videos (it’s on YouTube and I won’t post the link) to document our progress. What can I say, I’m an engineer at heart and I’m always looking for a plan.

When we finally became independent, we rented a car and drove across Thailand to explore my parents’ homeland, which I had visited many times as a child but never as an adult. We toured the country with an eye on real estate and tried to figure out where we wanted to live permanently.

Tourist attractions are completely gone. It was crazy. As a child, I experienced Thailand during the travel seasons (usually summer and winter holidays), so it was always full of all kinds of travelers. Now the country is back to normal. Kind of reset. We visited big cities, small towns, even an elephant unemployment center (yes, elephants work just like you or me because they cost a lot to feed). If you want to see more about our three months in Thailand, we made a little YouTube channel to document our trip: Tommy’s Travel Time on YouTube

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Needless to say, we ended up settling in Phuket. Property prices were halved for the first time in early 2021. If you can come to Thailand, you can get a good place in a good place for a good price. After we bought our place, we decided to move back to Phuket in late 2021 and early 2022 and live everyday life instead of being tourists and going to tourist spots to stay in our house. We went to the grocery store, went to the gym, visited the dentist, etc. We are busy living in Phuket! I lost a little weight during our 3 month test run so we decided to come back and take our dogs to Thailand for a “big move”.

The first thing we need to be sure of is what the US, Singapore and Thailand need to do to move our dogs. This is true if you fly as checked baggage, cargo or ESA carry-on.

USDA APHIS site: Authority on what each country needs. This website allows you to select the country you are flying to and see what type of document you need. Screenshots of the Thailand specific section of this site:

Trip With Dog Status

In the second shot above, you will see a small link that says “Bringing Pets to Thailand”. This is very important as it is the Thailand Embassy site for bringing pets:

Preparing To Bring Dogs And Cats Into Singapore

This short guide is packed with all kinds of details. It looks very compact and “light” but there is a lot of information embedded in small type. I had to read it over and over again to understand it.

One important thing is that each airport of entry in Thailand has its own form to fill out which is slightly different from other airports. Luckily I applied for one of our dogs using the main form I found (for Bangkok airport) but I emailed the people at Phuket airport. The people at the Phuket airport gave me back a blank form that was slightly different from the Bangkok form, but the one they wanted in Phuket. You’d think it would be the same for the 3 international airports that allow this, but you’ll quickly find out that this is almost everything in Thailand – it all changes depending on where you go and what you ask for . .

From this page you will see that, among other things, a transit permit is required. Earlier.

Well, now they have documents with 3 government agencies in 3 different countries based on documents from other governments. You need a flowchart!

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What you see is a loss of dependency. This is important to understand as you have 10 days to complete all of this documentation. 10 days?!? Yes. 10 days.

Note: If you are thinking about this, I highly recommend visiting our Instagram account where we have posted a short video about the experience of flying with dogs. See the beginning of this post for account information.

Anyway – there you have it! Again, read the caveats first as this is not meant to be a comprehensive guide – just our own personal experience and the process of moving our dogs to our new home in Asia for one trip! There is no question that dogs make some of the best companions. From cuddling on the couch to endless (and sometimes lazy) kisses and more, there’s something special about dog love. Our dogs will always be with us no matter what. Who is waiting for our arrival while wagging their tails with joy?

Trip With Dog Status

As pet owners, we should be grateful. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the best dog quotes to celebrate our beautiful dogs and all they do for us. From puppy friendship quotes (“Dogs have a way of getting the people they want” by Tom Jones) to funny dog ​​quotes (“The little poodle or chihuahua is still a wolf at heart” by Dorothy Hinshaw). There is no shortage of dog quotes on our list!

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Maybe these quotes will inspire you to welcome a cute puppy into the family! If so, we have an extensive list of unique dog names to choose from. In addition, you may want to greet your dog with a cute dog toy that we tested at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Whether you’re a longtime pet owner or just starting out, we hope these dog quotes are a little reminder of why our furry friends are so special.

If one wants to live a righteous life, the first step is to harm animals.

Shame on the person who did not thank the dog for the favor?

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Apart from a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. They are too dark in the dog.

Before you get a dog, you can’t imagine what life is like with a human; Then you can not think of living in any other way.

If you have a dog, you will find many happy days and bad days in your life.

Trip With Dog Status

Do you think there are no dogs in heaven? Let me tell you; He is ahead of any of us.

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