Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper – About 3.5 hours north of the more popular Banff, on a scenic road, lies the quiet mountain town of Jasper. And since there are more pet-friendly places than you can imagine, your vacation with the dogs will be unforgettable!

Whether you want to hike down the mountains, hike, or swim in its sparkling blue lakes, pet-friendly Jasper has you covered. If that’s not enough, you can also visit a glacier and a sand dune! Whatever you choose, a vacation to Jasper is one you’ll never forget.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper

Tip: Remember that Jasper is a national park and therefore you must purchase a park ticket. Tickets are usually available at the toll booths when you enter Jasper, or you can stop at a visitor center.

Best Easy Hikes In Jasper You Must Do

With your parking ticket and your best friend by your side, it’s time to explore pet Jasper! In this post, I’m going to show you what Riley and I packed for an overnight trip, as well as some extra bonuses if your trip is longer.

We offer special events, hiking spots, lakes and places to eat with your beloved pet. Then hug and let’s go!

Jasper has many camping options, with a mix of reservation-only campgrounds and first-come, first-served campgrounds. At the end of August we found some places in the first camp, but for peace of mind we recommend booking in advance!

If you are looking for a very cheap place to park and sleep, there is a great place on the other side of the Athabasca Glacier. This is the option we chose. This means we can see the ice in the first light.

A Guide To Dog Friendly National Parks: Pt. One

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – Fairmont continues to raise the bar for our “Furrrmont Friends” who invite our little ones! There are pet-friendly hiking trails in the area. It includes hiking trails at Annette, Edith and Bovert lakes and a boardwalk on the Athabasca River.

Overlander Mountain Lodge – nestled among the trees and mountains and across from the Folding Mountain Brewery. There are options for family-friendly log cabins or private cabins on beautiful grounds.

Patricia Lake Bungalows – Patricia Lake Bungalows seems to have it all. You can stay in their private house on the lake, it’s a dog paradise! Rent a boat or rowboat on site to paddle with your pup, swim in the clear water, and warm up by one of the outdoor fire pits in the evenings. Wood included! They offer pet sitting services if you call ahead.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper

The restaurant patios in downtown Jasper are full in the summer and are often located on the street. The restaurants listed below are less crowded and have larger private patios. We hope these things provide a more enjoyable experience for you and your dog.

The Maligne Canyon Hike In Jasper National Park

Another good option for outdoor dogs is to order food first and find cool grass to picnic on.

Fold Mountain Brewery – Visit Fold Mountain just outside of town and check out the Jasper Brewery. Enjoy delicious beers in their beautiful outdoor garden.

Maligne Canyon Wilderness Kitchen – Wow, this outdoor kitchen looks amazing. The valley water flows through the wooded area. Tobacco shop and restaurant.

Emerald Lounge – The Emerald Lounge, which overlooks Lac Beauvert, appears to be a pet-friendly restaurant. There’s even a list of pets!

Green Trails And Golden Fields: Day Hiking In The Jasper Mountain Reserve

Now that the sleeping and feeding needs are out of the way, let’s see what pets are in Jasper!

On this Jasper trip, Riley and I entered the park from the east. And that led us to discover something new – Jasper Sand Dunes!

There was never an official sign for this hike, it was one of the quieter activities we did in Jasper. You can find it in your map software. So follow these instructions.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper

As you look at the lake from the parking lot, the trail begins on the right. You go to the top of the mountain you can see. We took it easy and were still at the top in less than 30 minutes.

Things To Do In Banff With Your Dog

This is one of those hikes where you think you have a perfect view, and it just keeps getting better until you get a 360° view!

Although the ground is sandy, the mountain is covered with grass, making it easier to climb than open sand! And if you plan your visit here, it will be a wonderful vacation.

We were very warm during our walk on the sand, so our next mission was to cool off in a beautiful lake. Jasper has many accessible, beautiful, dog-friendly lakes near town. A two-legged and four-legged swimmer’s dream! However, dogs are not allowed on the beaches – this is a national park.

Most of the lakes around Jasper have a boardwalk. So if you don’t like swimming, you can enjoy it all year round.

Sulphur Skyline Trail Hike, Jasper National Park

Take a look at your map guide and you’ll see many trail connections between Jasper. Pets will love every walk here!

Lake Annette has a 1.7 mile hiking trail. And the website lists Lake Annette as one of the best spots in the national park for stargazing. The pictures of the stars reflected in the lake make me want to go in the car with Riley and see the night sky.

Lake Annette’s soft sand, clear water, and perfect water temperature make for a great afternoon. The beach was a bit busy but once we got in the water and went swimming it was very relaxing. Of the lakes we were able to visit on this trip, Annette Lake’s large parking lot and day use area won the award.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper

When lakes are so beautiful, one is never enough! After getting ready for Lake Annette, we headed to Lac Beauvert and were so glad we did.

Best Places To Visit In Jasper National Park

Due to the rocks that form the beach here, Lac Beauvert is not suitable for swimming. But good for rowers and sailors.

Lac Beauvert covers a distance of 3.9 km. And there are connecting trails on the Athabasca River, which is a great plus! If you’re hungry, head to the pet-friendly restaurant Emerald Lounge down the street.

The way to Patricia Lake is through a busy road. This is good and bad. This means that only a few cars can be parked at a time. But it also means that many visitors stop briefly to take a picture and then move on.

The fact that people don’t stay long makes this lake quieter than most. There were only a few paddlers there when we visited. It has almost everything you could want – beautiful crystal clear water, hot springs and an indigo blue mountain reflected in the ground.

A Guide To The Best Dog Friendly Trails In Alberta

The best pond for you depends on what you and your pet like best. If you only have time to visit one lake, here is a quick summary of each lake to help you decide:

Take the tram to Whistlers Mountain in Jasper with your pup. The tram is a fully equipped building that travels up the mountain like a ski lift.

Once at the top, you and your pup can hike for hours on the well-maintained trails and enjoy the spectacular views of the Alps. If you get hungry, choose one of the dog-friendly outdoor eateries.

Best Dog Friendly Hikes Jasper

Dog friendly gondolas and trams are rare, this is a unique journey to share with your pups! It is $57.30 for adults and $6.00 for dogs.

Pet Friendly Hotels And Parks In Canmore

This is a short out-and-back hike of 8.2 km. Your efforts will be rewarded with endless peaks and 360 ° views to enjoy from above.

We were greeted there with a real mountain climate even in summer. This is common in all mountains, so always plan for windy and cold times of the year!

Once your pet is comfortable and relaxed in the car after climbing the Sulfur Skyline, you can head to Miette Hot Springs. It is well located at the foot of the hill.

Miette Mountain Cabins has pet friendly facilities nearby.

Stunning Jasper Hikes You Shouldn’t Miss

Looking for something unique with your dog? Visit the Athabasca Glacier – a disappearing wonder. Athabasca is one of the most accessible glaciers in North America and is only a few minutes from the parking lot. As you walk through the cold dry land, you can see the posts that mark the retreat of the ice. Awesome!

Visit at sunrise or sunset, when there is less traffic and traffic, so you can enjoy the peace and beauty of this natural area. During the day, the place is frequented by tourist buses and heavy traffic

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