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Best Dog Friendly Indoor Plants

Best Dog Friendly Indoor Plants

All Pet Plants Keep your furry friends safe by choosing non-toxic indoor plants for your home. These plants add color and texture to your decor while keeping your cats and dogs safe and happy. Shop our collection of pet friendly plants! Shop All Plants Lively Roots collection helps you bring any plant you need into your home in one place and easily. From lush foliage to vibrant flowers, elegant palms to succulents, we have the perfect plant for any space.  Buy best selling plants You have found the perfect place to choose your next new plant friend. Check out our bestsellers, many of which are easy to care for and highly air purifying, so you can enjoy them with minimal effort. go shopping

Tall Low Light Plants To Grow Indoors

If you share your home with animals, it is important to consider their safety when purchasing houseplants. Many indoor plants, such as peace lily, calla lily or sago palm, contain toxins that can harm cats and dogs. By choosing non-toxic and pet-safe plants, you can enjoy the beauty of your indoor garden without worrying about the well-being of your cat or dog.

Lively Root’s selection of pet-friendly plants includes bright flowers like the Christmas cactus and elegant air purifiers like the money tree. From pet-safe succulents to non-toxic and easy-care plants, we’ve got you covered!

Knowing which plants are safe for your furry friends is essential to keeping them healthy and happy. Check to see if the plant you want to buy is on the ASPCA list of poisonous plants, and avoid bringing plants into your home that you’re not sure about.

Most plants are safe for cats and dogs. From the maidenhair fern to the eye-catching peacock plant, you can make your indoor garden pet-friendly with the right variety. However, some plants are not poisonous to dogs but can cause digestive problems in cats and vice versa. Therefore, it is important to check that your green friend is completely safe for your pet, especially if you have a dog and a cat at home.

Best Indoor Plants For Your Home

Some plants have been found to be non-toxic to dogs but highly toxic to cats. For example, your puppy may be fine around beautiful lilies, which may harm your friend. Other plants may be classified as non-toxic to both types of pets, but they may still cause some problem.

Cats are intelligently wary of eating anything that tastes strange. So if a cat feels sick, it is usually because it has stepped on a poisonous plant and then licked off the poison during a grooming session. Studies show that dogs are more likely to be poisoned by plants, with only 26% of cases involving cats.

Horsetail Palm – This herb is safe for cats, but if consumed in large amounts, Horsetail Palm can cause vomiting in dogs.

Best Dog Friendly Indoor Plants

Houseplants and pets can coexist under the same roof if care is taken to protect them from each other.

The 8 Best Indoor Plants For The Office, According To Plant Experts

Place your plants on high shelves or hanging pots so your pets can grab your greenery. Some animals like to explore unfamiliar objects. So try to keep plants that are mildly toxic to cats and dogs, such as the ZZ plant, within easy reach, behind other plants, or in a room where your pets can’t reach. If you suspect symptoms of plant poisoning in your beloved pet, call your vet or pet poison control center immediately!

Pet experts agree that plants provide extra stimulation for your pets. Your cat or dog can make your plant worse. As mentioned, the best way to prevent your pets from destroying your plants is to keep them out of reach. For example, dogs will have difficulty chewing on hanging plants. Or reduce interest in your houseplants by getting catnip!

Give constant attention and care to your pet-friendly plants that meet their specific lighting, watering and moisture needs. Prune spent leaves and flowers and spray the leaves to keep them shiny and clean.

Plant your green friends every two years or if you see problems such as drooping leaves or signs of root rot. Make sure your plants have all the nutrients they need during the growing season.

Pet Friendly Plants That Won’t Harm Your Furry Friends

Attractive houseplants can make your home inviting and comfortable for you and your pets. Create an interesting, dog-proof plant arrangement using sturdy, heavy planters that your dog won’t knock over easily. Placing pebbles in the soil helps discourage digging.

Use Lively Root’s Plant Quiz anytime to help you choose safe dog or cat plants for your home! You can choose our quarterly pet-friendly subscription and receive a wonderful selection of plants every 3 months. With a little planning, you can create a space where your pets and plants can coexist and enjoy each other’s company. In Australia, 62% of households have pets. This means you have a very good chance of having your very own fur baby or two! Many of us value these animals as members of our family, and we do everything we can to make our homes as safe as possible for them. This usually involves “childproofing” your bedroom so your pets don’t get into harmful things. But what about plants? After all, you want your home to be beautiful. If you’re looking for pet-friendly plants, you’re in luck. Here is a list of non-toxic houseplants that are safe for cats and dogs!

Do you want a beautiful hanging plant? Then you want a Boston Fern! These are one of the most popular ferns sold, so you can’t go wrong. Not only can you hang them, but you can place Boston ferns on a pedestal so that the leaves fall gracefully. Of course, this can be a problem if you have a playful cat, so you may have to hang on.

Best Dog Friendly Indoor Plants

But if you need a safe air purifier for dogs and cats, Boston fern is for you. It needs a little more care to keep it alive, so it’s not a good choice for starting plants. But if you do the work, the Boston Fern will give you a beautiful lush plant!

Dieffenbachia Is My Favorite Pet Friendly Plant 💖😻

Here’s another one for fern lovers! The silver rabbit’s foot is slightly smaller than the Boston fern, and its gills are as small as the rabbit’s foot and are hairy (hence the name). While ferns are generally quite difficult to care for, the silver rabbit’s foot fern is less demanding. So if you’re worried about accidentally damaging your plants but really want a fern and plant that’s safe for your fur babies, we recommend buying this one! This houseplant will add a nice tropical look to any room in your home.

If you’re looking for low-light houseplants that are safe for cats and dogs, you can’t go wrong with the spider plant. It is a fairly light green plant with long thin leaves that are dark green in color giving it a spider leg appearance. You don’t need to do much to keep it alive, so if you forget to water it makes a great houseplant. They grow quickly in the right conditions; They have baby plants that you can leave to make the plant look bigger, or you can split them up into multiple pots. The spider plant is perfect for beginners, it’s also safe for animals, and it also filters toxins from the air for you!

As the name suggests, the zebra plant is a very attractive plant with dark and light green stripes. It has large leaves that can draw attention to any room. However, it’s still a medium-sized plant, so don’t worry about it taking up too much space. It is one meter large. It is a fascinating plant because it closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the morning. That is why it is also called the prayer plant.

The zebra plant should be kept in bright light, but not direct sunlight, so it is perfect for a sunny room.

Ohhsome Plant For Living Room Live Green Indoor Plants

Do you like the look of the zebra plant? Then to complete it is the unique Maranta Red Bar. This plant has large green leaves but with red-pink streaks running through them and a dark red underside of the leaves. Like the zebra plant, Maranta’s red-striped leaves close and open at night

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