Best Dog Friendly Leather Couches – Our four-legged friends. According to Animal Medicines Australia, almost two-thirds (61%) of Australian households have a pet and 90% of us have acquired a pet at some point in our lives.

While some people are strong-willed and refuse to allow their pets to sit on the couch, most of us can’t help but cuddle with our pets or dogs while watching Netflix. However, pets are also notorious for shedding hair, tracking dirt, or digging their claws into our favorite furniture.

Best Dog Friendly Leather Couches

Best Dog Friendly Leather Couches

Here’s some good news: You don’t have to compromise on your pet’s style. With a little planning and forethought, you can find a couch that looks good and lasts for years, even with a furry companion.

Choosing A Pet Friendly Sofa

So how do you choose a pet-friendly sofa that pets and pets will love? In this blog, we look at the main things to consider when choosing a pet-friendly sofa for your home.

Choosing a pet-friendly sofa starts with the material. Some brands and fabrics are more forgiving of scratches or stains, while others are not so forgiving.

Here are three questions to ask yourself when considering what material you want for your sofa.

Is it scratch resistant? Even with regular trimming and trimming, a pet’s nails can get caught on some clothing or scratch others. Loosely woven fabrics such as tweed and corduroy can catch on nails and slowly unravel over time.

Best Fabrics For Sofas

Is it stain resistant? Despite your best training, your pet can leave stains on your couch over time. It could be a cat that loves to hunt outside and come back with dirty paws, or a dog that howls on your couch when it’s hot. If you want to leave your pet on the couch, choose a fabric that can be wiped or cleaned regularly.

Can you remove pet hair easily? Most pets lose at least some fur, while others only lose a little

(We’re looking at you, husbands). If your pet is prone to shedding, it is important to choose a material that does not catch the pet’s hair or is easy to clean.

Best Dog Friendly Leather Couches

While it comes down to personal preference, the best dog and cat sofa materials are durable fabrics that can withstand the daily demands of pet ownership. These four materials are the best choices because of their durability and ease of pet care:

Sven Walnut & Charme Tan Leather 2.5 Seater Sofa

Pet friendly. Although linen requires a little more care than their plush or leather counterparts, it’s still a great choice for a pet-friendly couch.

The best thing about linen sofas is that many options, like the Bronte, have removable and replaceable covers, making it easy to keep your sofa looking good for years to come.

At the top of the list is skin. Leather sofas, like the Nadia 3-seater sofa, are among the best pet-friendly furniture materials because they don’t have straps or piles to attract animals. Genuine leather is extremely strong and durable, meaning it is more resistant to scratches and cuts than other materials.

Here’s a bonus: the leather is very easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with special leather care products and before you know it, your couch will look brand new!

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Luxurious and rich, velvet is probably the last material you would think of for a pet sofa. In fact, this wonderful fabric is also pet-friendly because of its short, tight pile that won’t catch on your pet’s legs. You won’t spend hours vacuuming up pet fur from your plush sofa (like the Draper 3 Seater Sofa) – there’s no weave in the plush, so all the hair slides off the surface easily.

Outdoor furniture like our Newport Corner Sofa isn’t just for the outdoors! If you want something that’s low maintenance and looks great at home, outdoor is the perfect pet-friendly option.

Think about it: outdoor furniture is made from materials like metal, teak and rattan that are built to withstand the elements – meaning your pet is the least of your worries. The beauty of outdoor furniture is that they often have removable cushions made from durable materials so they are easy to clean or set up.

Best Dog Friendly Leather Couches

Another thing that is often overlooked when looking for a pet-friendly couch is height. Our four-legged friends have shorter limbs than we do, so try to find a couch that’s easy to get on and off of to protect their joints.

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If you choose a high sofa, it would be advisable to have a ramp to make it easier for the cat or dog to get in and out.

Don’t forget the size of your couch. Larger dogs like Labradors or Golden Retrievers will benefit from a recliner like the Stella for more sleeping and cuddling space.

It’s not just about the content! If you don’t want to deal with daily cleaning, we recommend choosing a sofa or armchair in the same color as your pet, for example the Draper leather sofa or the Lucy armchair. That way, it won’t be as obvious when their fur inevitably falls on the couch.

Darker fabrics like gray and tan look great because they naturally hide wear and tear, especially if you choose less pet-friendly sofa materials. Alternatively, leather, patterned or textured fabrics work well to hide dirt or stains that may develop over time.

What Is The Best Kid And Pet Friendly Sofa?

There’s no getting around it: pets are dirty! It’s one of the joys of having a furry companion at home, but it also means regular cleaning and maintenance.

Sofas with removable covers, like the Haven 3-seater sofa, make cleaning easy: all you have to do is remove the covers, take them to a professional cleaner and then zip them up. And at worst, you can replace your cover with a couch that looks like new.

Are you looking to invest in a sofa that is comfortable for you and your pet? Browse our range of sofas here Looking for a pet friendly leather sofa? Many customers ask about our recommendations for the best leather for their pets.  There seems to be a lot of unconditional love for man’s best friend (and his ilk).  Pets are family, so when making family room decisions (such as choosing the perfect couch), consider their loved ones. At our corporate headquarters, we have a regular pet-friendly tester who jumps on our couch every day…our very own tiny Australian Shepherd, Paisley.  It has managed to occupy almost every sofa in our showroom. Paisley of course has her favorite spots with a clear view out the front door and all the action takes place inside and outside our showroom studio. Paisley is proof that leather sofas

Best Dog Friendly Leather Couches

Of course, we’re big leather fans around here.  We hear the question all the time, “Is leather durable?” of course it is! This nature is created. Built to withstand the elements. And it’s an absolutely great choice for families with pets. You just have to consider a few things. Here are some guidelines we share with our pet-loving clients.

Best Couches For Dogs 2024

If you can accept leather that grows and shows character, full aniline is a great choice for you and your pets. We’re not afraid of a few dog scratches on full aniline leather (as evidenced by the pet-friendly sofas in our showroom) as it has naturally self-healing properties. When your body comes into contact with the sofa, these marks will automatically disappear and become part of the beautiful glossy finish.  You also need to be willing to embrace the evolution of your skin. Let’s say you spilled a liquid (or say your pet spilled), you should soak it up and let the liquid drain away. Skin color changes. You just have to be patient as this discoloration evaporates and becomes part of your sofa’s decor. The best full aniline leathers we offer are Mont Blanc, Berkshire, Cambridge or Eco.  Check out these skins. 

If you don’t like redoing, maybe semi-aniline leather is the best choice for you.  It’s still genuine leather, but with a protective finish. It does not stain, change or burn like full aniline.  It’s the same today, tomorrow and two months from now.  Semi-aniline leather is extremely tough, but care must be taken with larger animals.  Semi-aniline leather, once marked, does not have the same self-healing properties as full-aniline leather. Thus, the mark or mark remains permanent. Polyaniline leathers we recommend to pet owners include Williamsburg, Bronx, Larsen and a new offering called Country.  Kantri is interesting because it combines a tough, scratch-resistant semi-aniline leather finish with Krypton technology that makes the leather cleanable with products like Clorox wipes and Fantastic Spray Cleaner.

Of course, aniline leather with a matte finish is not the best choice for drooling dogs. Maybe you want to see the skin

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