Best Dog Friendly Nashville – Planning to bring your dog to Nashville with you? That’s wonderful! Nashville welcomes four-legged friends of all sizes. Just look at all the places your dog wants to be together.

Nashville offers a wide variety of dog-friendly accommodations. Choose from one of our dog-friendly hotels, resorts, campsites or bed and breakfasts.*

Best Dog Friendly Nashville

Best Dog Friendly Nashville

*Every hotel on our list will be happy to accommodate you and your dog. Please note that some hotels charge extra for pets and have certain size restrictions. Call before booking to make sure you fully understand their rules and regulations.

Where To Stay In Nashville (updated 2024)

Please note that all restaurants are subject to rules when allowing animals on the premises. Each of the restaurants listed allows dogs on their patios, and some require a leash. There are no size restrictions, meaning large dogs are welcome as long as the animal is well behaved. Please call before you arrive to fully understand the rules and regulations.

There’s nothing better than taking your four-legged friend for a walk at one of Nashville’s many parks or lakes. Warner, Shelby and Centennial Park are just a few great places for dogs to exercise, hang out and play.

Treat your pooch to a trip to the Museum City Store. Here you can find fun accessories that are perfect for pets or to complement your clothes! With two locations in downtown Nashville, Music City Shop specializes in unique merchandise from many popular local brands. Located in Percy Warner Park, the 5.3 mile loop trail takes an average of 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete. Considered a moderately difficult, dog-friendly overall trail.

The trail goes up and down through wooded hills and hollows, passing several springs and open fields, giving hikers a chance to see the variety of plants and animals found in Percy Warner Park.

Nashville Hotel Near Broadway

Check out this 3.9 mile loop trail near Nashville, Tennessee. It takes an average of 1 hour 23 minutes to complete. It’s a beautiful lakeside spot with a moderate grade – not too difficult, but enough to feel dog friendly.

The Warner Woods Trail is a 2.5-mile, bright white, moderate-rated, dog-friendly loop. The entire trail is inside the heavily forested park, and the third section of the trail is one of the more secluded areas of the park. . Also, hikers can enjoy spectacular views from the 922-meter-high Luke Lee Peak when crossing the paved road that crosses the trail. Dogs are welcome and may be confined in some areas.

Generally considered a tough, dog-friendly trail. It takes an average of 1 hour and 1 minute to complete. It’s a very popular spot for birding, walking and running, so you’re likely to meet other people as you explore. The best time to visit this route is from March to November. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.

Best Dog Friendly Nashville

Generally considered a moderately difficult trail, it takes an average of 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete. It’s a very popular place for walking, jogging and walking, so you’re likely to meet other people as you explore. Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash. Going on a trip and looking for the best places for pets? Wondering what your city has to offer for you and your pet? We did some research and went into town with our pets to see if it was worth checking out. This month, we’ve uncovered the best places to visit in Nashville for pets. 

Boutique Dog Hotel In Nashville, Tn

The modern boutique Yardstick Dog Hotel takes a different approach to canine hospitality. Their minimalist design concept offers personal care in a stress-free and uplifting environment. Your dog will receive the ultimate VIP treatment with spacious suites, sofa lounges, outdoor play yards and more. Their services include boarding, day care and bath time. There’s also a curated room service menu that offers interactive toys and irresistible dog treats, including treats (of course!) for your pooch to enjoy. 

Butchertown Hall has a dog-friendly patio, plus smoked pork, delicious tacos, and must-eat margaritas. The founder, Terry Raleigh, created Butchertown Hall as a modern barbecue joint, inspired by the culture of Central Texas meat markets and butcher shops of the 19th century. There, you can enjoy melt-in-your-mouth meats, smoky noodles, homemade tacos, fried Easter and more in front of a 36-square-foot open fire pit and larger-than-life smoker.

A stop at the Centennial Dog Park is a must with plenty of benches, shade and water fountains. The park is perfect for both large and small dogs, with separate areas for each size to keep everyone safe and happy during their visit. One of Nashville’s most popular dog parks, Centennial is a great place to help your dogs burn off some extra energy while making new canine and human friends.

At the heart of The Gulch is Adele’s, a must-see culinary destination offering premium comfort food, refreshing cocktails and a signature weekend brunch. When you visit, you can enjoy salmon belly carpaccio, pulled pork, and a glass of wine outside on their patio while your dog explores new sights and smells. Every time you go, you and your dog can make friends and find delicious treats you’ll be craving for weeks.

The Ultimate Dog Friendly Landscaping Guide

This fun neighborhood hangout offers delicious food, energizing drinks, and an action-packed atmosphere with bar games! Sony’s events calendar is packed with live music, comedy nights and more to keep everyone in your family entertained. Keep an eye out for their weekday happy hour, $5 late-night menu, and weekend pancake socials. 

If your dog likes to walk, take a trip to the Fontanelle Trail, where you can enjoy a peaceful stroll along White Creek and admire the beautiful Fontanelle Mansion. Along the way you will find many benches so that your dog can rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The trail is well maintained and the scenery is spectacular, providing you and your dog with everything you need to make special memories. The 6 best dog-friendly places in Nashville to enjoy Music City with your cat

Sand patrons with their dog at a dog party. Right: Mayo holds her dog in Nashville.

Best Dog Friendly Nashville

Nashville is known for its variety of attractions, burgeoning cuisine, and great roots music. But Music City is also home to dog-friendly hotels and restaurants that let you enjoy your four-legged friend with you.

Best Dog Friendly Things To Do In Nashville, Tn

Whether you’re looking for a delicious dinner or looking to relax in a beer garden at a brewery, there’s no reason not to leave your poop in these cozy spots.

Here are six of the best dog-friendly places in Nashville where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city with your pet.

Why you should visit: This former pet store has been transformed into a fun and quirky cafe. Fido specializes in coffee and organic foods and has a patio where you can dine with your four-legged friends.

Why you should go: This brewery has an Oktoberfest-inspired menu and has plenty of accommodations for pet lovers. Their heated, dog-friendly astroturf patio comes with water bowls, doggie bags and special treats to keep your pooch entertained for the night.

Top 10 Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas On A Budget

Why you should go: This popular urban park is home to Nashville’s replica of the Parthenon. Here you can stroll around the lake, see the main monuments, explore the sunken garden or take your dog to the dog park in the center of the park.

Why you should go: Located in the pet-friendly Thompson Hotel, Marsh House specializes in sustainably sourced seafood and Southern cuisine. You can take your dog to its lovely patio for lunch, where the staff offers a pet-friendly menu for your dog to enjoy.

Why you should go: If you’re looking for a stylish place to stay while passing through the city, Hotel Bobby is beyond pet-friendly, as they have resident dogs greeting guests in the lobby.

Best Dog Friendly Nashville

The Bobby Hotel works directly with the Humane Society of Nashville to adopt dogs and train them as emotional support animals. You and your dog can say hello to Harry, their resident pup, as you enjoy lunch with your pet in the adorable cafe.

Best Dog Friendly Trails In Nashville

Why you should go: This beach-themed bar has volleyball courts and a large outdoor space where you can enjoy a cold drink with your four-legged friend.

They also go the extra mile to celebrate your pet’s birthday by throwing a “dog bouquet” if you let them know in advance. For just $25, they’ll make your dog a pet-friendly cake and give you birthday hats and decorations to celebrate your adorable furry friend.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Nashville Things to Do in Nashville Dog Friendly Things to Do in Nashville Dog Friendly Things to Do in Nashville Dog Parks Dog Friendly Places in Nashville Dog Friendly Restaurants in Nashville

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