Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas – Spend an afternoon with your dog at Old 75 Beer Garden in Richardson. | Old 75 beer garden

Cooler weather means more time to eat outside. And you don’t have to leave your pup at home when you go out to eat. There are a growing number of outdoor dog-friendly restaurants, and many local spots are great for relaxing after a day of fun with your fur baby.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas

From quick-stop seafood restaurants to fine dining, bring your four-legged friend and head out to enjoy delicious food and drinks at these dog-friendly restaurants in DFW.

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Priding itself on its central Texas “salt, pepper, smoke and time” approach, Ten50’s menu is simple and filling. Relax on the patio with a brisket sandwich and bring your four-legged friend.

Spread over 20,000 square meters, there is room for entertainment enthusiasts to bring their dogs and stretch out for these dogs. This beer garden has a lawn for food and a variety of drinks, as well as live music and games.

This local brewery has expanded its outdoor space with more seating and indoor seating; So neither beer lovers nor their dogs sweat in the sun. Bring your dog for beer flights, weekend mimosas and light bites.

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Easterners have long brought their furry friends to Goodfriend. Join us for this summer fun on a dog-friendly patio, where a fresh frozen drink is served daily, new beers rotate regularly, and the burgers are the best in town.

After the repairs, the porch is open again and canine friends can come with you. It will add a beer garden and year-round air conditioning; Every Texan knows that these black-furred dogs are desirable and desirable. Order the fried chicken kobo salad and try a few selections from the updated cocktail menu.

Grab a bite and relax while your dog runs and plays at this popular dog park and beer garden. A simple menu of cocktails, hamburgers, chicken and treats for fur babies is sure to satisfy.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas

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The Katy Trail Ice House is a great place to grab a bite to eat and a cold drink after a long hike or run with Fido. Sit under a shade tree and eat fan-favorite queso while your pup grabs one of the plates.

The space formerly known as the Toler Patio has a new name, but not a new look. Bring your furry friend and enjoy a pimento grilled cheese sandwich, chicken tender basket, beer and cocktails under the blue umbrella.

Enjoy barbecuing in your backyard without all the cleanup. Located in the shadow of the West Side Ferris Wheel, this spot offers brisket queso, hot corn dogs and brisket sandwiches without the hassle of going to the fairgrounds. It is suitable for children and dogs.

Dogs are welcome on the Terry Black porch, like the one in Deep Ellum. Bring Fido out to the neighborhood in the evening until he can tolerate the delicious smell of barbecue.

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All of Velvet Taco’s interiors are open to canine friends, and the established chain has multiple restaurants around the metroplex. Order a plate of tacos and a killer margarita for the patio.

Want more tacos? Wow, yes! Joe Leo welcomes dogs on the patio and is a great place to relax under the shade of an umbrella while eating plates of nachos, tacos and enchiladas. Being outdoors and enjoying great food and drink is a weekly activity for Dallasites, and it’s always better when our dogs join the party! Fortunately, there are less dog-friendly places than Dallas, but here are some great dog-friendly places! 

With adoption and rescue charity events, it’s no secret that The Ranch at Las Colinas is pet-friendly! They have a large patio area that feels like your southern backyard and even have a special menu for your pups. The menu includes 4 different Pilates or 2 different homemade dog treats!

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas

All breeds and sizes are welcome and @vodkafordogpeople are in stock! Happy hour every Monday-Friday 14.00-18.00. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful weather indoors while sipping cocktails with your furry friend.

Top 10 Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Las Colinas Blvd, Irving, Tx

Note: Check out Rescue Me and DFW’s two annual dog events: Dinner for Justice (January) and Pups, Pints ​​and Prosecco (Fall).

You know Chelsea Corner is a great place to catch your favorite sports on one of the 21 screens, but have you ever been inside their 2,500 square foot pup-friendly interior? The green beer gardens have comfortable sofas, high tables, picnic tables and shady umbrellas to chill with your dog! Invite all your dog parents to your next meal!

Treat your four-legged friend to a day they’ll never forget at a local favorite with patio hangers. If you’re visiting the Lower Greenville area, you and your dog can enjoy the rooftop patio and shaded seating area with cooling fans. HG Sply Co. Staff also give water to the dogs. Don’t forget to take a picture with the horizon view!

Dallas’ most notable dog-friendly outpost, also in Plano, is the Katy Trail Ice House outpost, which is like a backyard party for your dog to mingle with other canines. Whether it’s summer or winter, their yard is ready to comfortably welcome guests, including their furry friends! Water bowls are provided and large, shady trees provide perfect shelter from the Texas sun. The best part? You can walk your dog there with Cathy Thiel!

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When you think of the iconic La La Land Cafe, you immediately think of coffee and an Instagram-friendly atmosphere. If La La Land isn’t one of your favorites, you sure are when you hear that they actually have dog-friendly patios and do new things, friends! That’s right, they actually have a patio area where you can leave your dog and avoid toast while enjoying your coffee!

You can’t have a dog in your name and you can’t be friends with a dog! Located in the suburbs of Dallas, Lazy Dog’s interior is made for two- and four-legged friends, and they have the dog statue to prove it! On cooler nights, sit around a big, communal fire or pull up a stool with friends at the bar or table without leaving your pup at home. In addition, Lazy Dog offers a dog menu that includes 2 delicious dog dishes; Chicken or beef with brown rice and veggies!

Mutt’s Canine Cantina offers a dog park + beer garden that makes it the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your pup! Mutt’s offers paw wraps for your dog’s birthday, as well as fun dog-friendly events throughout the year like yoga and Mutt’s Movie Nights! There are a few rules: dogs must be 4+ months old, neutered, friendly, and able to interact with people, among other requirements!

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas

Six different restaurant options at The Shacks share a large dog-friendly patio and overlook a 1-acre dog park. Your dining options include Ten Ramen, Turbo Coffee, Growlers, Dirty Burger, Tackle Box and OMG Tacos, and there’s something for everyone. While you toast your new dog parent friends, your furry friends will find other furry friends too! 

Dallas’s 12 Best Restaurants For Outdoor Dining

Dogs definitely deserve an award for putting up with us! You may already know that State & Allen’s Beauty Yard is dog-friendly, but did you know they also offer special treats for your furry friend? The next time you find yourself enjoying their meal with your pup or sipping a cocktail on the porch, ask your server for a free homemade dog treat!

Calling all dog lovers! The AKC Meet The Breeds event is coming to Dallas for the first time. From restaurants to bars to movie theaters, the Dallas area has plenty of dog-friendly spots; Here are our top picks.

Many North Texans love a nice interior, as evidenced by the restaurant’s exterior when happy hour rolls around. As dog owners know, people aren’t the only ones who like shady patios, but not all restaurants welcome four-legged friends equally. .

Dallas restaurants can offer dog-friendly patios upon application and approval by the city. Restaurants and bars will soon have pet-friendly areas statewide following the passage of Texas Senate Bill 476, though not all states in Texas.

Best Dog Friendly Restaurants And Breweries In Greater Phoenix

Until then, we’ve compiled a list of local restaurants, bars and movie theaters.

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