Dog Friendly Cabin Victoria – Every dog ​​owner knows the feeling of guilt mixed with sadness that comes with leaving your four-legged friend on the porch in a panic as you pack your bags and suitcases for a vacation. You know. It really hurts!

Australia is slowly weaning itself out of the Euro-American framework and allowing its hotels, pubs and shops to become man’s best friend. Next time you need to go on vacation, don’t leave the tail unturned and book one of Victoria’s 10 dog-friendly accommodations.

Dog Friendly Cabin Victoria

Dog Friendly Cabin Victoria

Tip – Don’t forget to pack essentials like dog food, portable water bowl, leash, car seat belt, biodegradable dog bag, and your favorite pet accessories.

Of The Best Pet Friendly Cabins In Nsw

If you and your dog are an exotic breed, you’ll be happy to know that all of Victoria’s forests are dog-friendly, with the exception of Murindindi Scenic Reserve and Stevensons Falls Reserve, according to Parks Victoria. You’ll be happy. However, if you are planning to visit a national park, you will need to leave your furry friend at his Airbnb.

This spacious and quiet A-frame building, known as the White House, is located two and a half hours by train from Melbourne. Carefully decorated with many rare antiques and finds, this luxurious property is located in a place where you want to enjoy without technology or worry, and you’ll never want to leave.

Barn-style buildings are unmistakable, and this American-style log cabin is no exception. The store has a large selection of books, and you can enjoy reading by the fireplace. You can also enjoy a barbecue on warm evenings. The Barn is sure to give you and your furry friend a taste of fun country life.

Aptly named Airbnb’s Sunday House, this beautiful 1865 church has been converted into the perfect group accommodation. Filled with surprises such as a wood-fired pizza oven, vintage cube house, shelving, basketball hoop, and indoor pool table, this beautiful property offers a relaxing country retreat. And it’s a Sunday house.

Horsham’s Best Pet Friendly Accommodation

Described as ‘a place for the whole pack’, the Tathra adobe house is built for dogs who like to roam freely. The fenced (but spacious) garden allows your pet to explore while relaxing in the hot tub while enjoying views of the surrounding woods and hills.

Encouraging a slower pace of life, the incredibly unique ‘Steamer’ is a converted first class carriage built at Melbourne’s Newport Railway Works in 1926. Renovating the space took nine months, and the owners carefully searched out and preserved old parts to honor its origins. Featuring a kitchen, fireplace, books, and board games, this cozy 1920s living space is perfect for a cozy winter getaway with your well-behaved dog.

Absolutely beautiful and one of a kind, it’s no wonder the owner fell in love with it before purchasing it in 2005. Set on 5 acres and 30 minutes from Wilson’s Promontory National Park, you’ll love it. Arrange your dog as well! Expect Japanese-inspired design, stunning outdoor bathtubs, wood heaters, outdoor hammocks, and barbecues.

Dog Friendly Cabin Victoria

With a super cool layout, this 70’s style home has plenty of space for a large family and even a dog. Filled with luxuries like a heated fireplace and a private yoga room, Fig Tree House is the perfect place to sleep. You can also use nearby Mount He Buller as a base from which to explore the Howqua Hills.

Pet Friendly Holiday Accommodation

The pictures say it all, really! This cute white clapboard house welcomes your dog with a tasty daypack, water bowl, and pet information guide. With plenty of nearby dog-friendly cafes, nature trails, and walking trails, Spring Creek Cottage is perfect for those looking to bring their four-legged pooch along.

Everyone loves a natural freshwater pool, and this cold water facility has one created by landscape designer Philip Johnson. Located in the Dandenong Ranges and surrounded by rowan and lots of Australian bush, you and your furry friend will have an absolute ball.

With an emphasis on luxury and comfort, this beautiful log cabin sits on 75 acres of private land, all with stunning views of Cape Wilson beyond. There are plenty of streams and hiking trails on the property, so there’s plenty to explore for travelers and furry friends alike. However, it is important to note that this Airbnb only allows well-behaved pets outdoors.

Lucy’s long-term relationship with Lindfield and her family began in her childhood and culminated in her parents’ Subaru choosing the best house on every street in the late 2000s. . A few years later, she branched out into her PR field at a specialist architecture firm after graduating from Enmore Design Institute with her degree in Interiors and a BA in Media from Macquarie University. , and continued to produce public relations and editorial content. Before she stays in the countryside, she visits her hub in Sydney. After her stint at Better Homes and Gardens, Lucy wrote for several years under her Homes To Love and managed her digital presence for Inside Out, Real Living, and Country Style. Here you can connect every day with his great loves: design, architecture, lifestyle, homes, and of course, words. In her spare time, she often finds her dream home on real estate websites and spends a lot of time browsing her Facebook Marketplace looking for mid-century furniture in Victorian dog-friendly Airbnbs. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the city, countryside and coast. “Good times are just around the corner in Victoria. Here are some of our favorite places to holiday with your dog.

Luxury Pet Friendly Hotels In Australia

There are few things I love more than a weekend trip to a new part of Australia. The only hard part (besides saving money) is what to do with the dog.

In this case, good nature is not cheap, but it is worth it. This home near Orinda is dog friendly. Living on 7 acres, no one can hear the little parrot’s cries. Enjoy the cozy fireplace and spa with your special someone for just $200 a night.

I’m also a design enthusiast. Dog walking is available in this beautiful open plan cottage in the heart of Rye, close to the golf club and Long Beach.

Dog Friendly Cabin Victoria

I can’t wait to get down the road to Mornington and enjoy the sea breeze. This private home could be perfect, and as far as Airbnb goes, it’s very affordable. Wake up to the sound of kingfishers and rosellas chirping in the rubber trees at his three-acre property near Hastings.

Pet Friendly — Marysville Holiday Park

Sharing this facility with the main house, your child will have the chance to make new friends as Labradors Chester and Lexi run around with a ball. $125 per night.

I wish you good luck. Designed by award-winning architect Simone Koch, if it’s within your budget, don’t jump right in. This is the kind of cabin where you’ll want to cook, drink wine, throw tennis balls, and just generally have a good time. . National park. your door

Located at the start of a major road, this property is 100% solar powered and located within Wolseley Vineyards. $190 per night.

In my opinion, the Macedon Ranges are underrated and perfect for a very worthwhile holiday. Relax with a glass of wine while watching the sun set on your private deck, or build a fire and sit with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate.

Stylish Pet Friendly Accommodations In Gippsland

You can move your woofer to this 5 acre property or take it to Trentham. $120 per night.

After enjoying the cool air of the countryside? Bright’s Rail Trail Cottage is located on the backside of the Murray’s Mountains Rail Trail. Many people come to ride their bikes, but we also hope they enjoy walking their dogs. $196 per night.

I have spent many Christmas holidays camping at Wilson’s Prom and can attest to its magical nature. If I had my choice, I would live in Eagle’s Nest, a stunning house on a hill with 360 degree views.

Dog Friendly Cabin Victoria

It’s a huge property with a million ways to walk, so make sure your dog knows where to come back and claw 🙂 $230 per night.

Cabins And Caravans

Can you survive on Vibe Farm after being depressed? The Barn at Glenwood overlooks the beautiful Max Creek Valley, approximately 160 km east of Melbourne.

This home is close to Tara Barga National Park, historic Port Albert, 90 miles of coastline and Cape Wilsons, all offering stunning views and an abundance of wildlife. $170 per night.

Airbnb Once you’ve explored Western Australia, check out what’s happening in other parts of Australia.

Mike is a huge dog lover and co-founder of Scratch. He lived his entire life surrounded by collies and cocker spaniels. He was seen drinking coffee in Melbourne and pointing at his girlfriend’s Bernese Mountain Dog, hoping she would finally give him a drink. .

Pet Friendly Cabin Accommodation

Some of his Airbnbs allow dogs, but it is up to the host to decide whether or not to accept pets. This information

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