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Here are some dog-friendly restaurants and cafes in Singapore by location. So you can find a store near you in 2024!

Dog-friendly Restaurants Near Me Indoor

Dog-friendly Restaurants Near Me Indoor

Looking for a dog cafe in Singapore to bring your fur or visit the local dog? Did you know that we’re big fans of outdoor dining at Sassy Mama and the reason for that is that many of these places are pet and kid friendly! Those of us with fur babies are always on the hunt for great dog cafes. Next up in Singapore So here are our recommendations for the island’s most dog-friendly restaurants and cafes. which is organized by area So you can find a dog cafe in Singapore near you. Also, if you are looking for a dog cafe where you can pet your local pooch. (Great idea for kids who don’t have one at home!) Move on to the last section of the dog cafe. And for all cat lovers Please read this post about cat cafes in Singapore.

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Plain vanilla isn’t just for delicious baked goods. They have a full menu offering breakfast, brunch and lunch. Plus, the outdoor seating makes it pet-friendly!

Would you like croissants and coffee? Tiong Bahru Bakery is the perfect place to enjoy a morning with your dog in this charming area. Be sure to drop by Tiong Bahru Park on Tiong Poh Road while you’re here!

TIANN’S is a gluten-free restaurant with an emphasis on sugar. Serving a variety of food that is freshly prepared. Everything is prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant without gluten and refined sugar. It’s the perfect choice if you’re looking for a healthy option that still packs a lot of flavor. If you have celiac disease or are allergic to milk and eggs. Or even if you’re just following a low-carb or meat-free diet like paleo, keto, and vegan, you’ll find a dish that will meet your dietary needs. Looking for a good place to organize a birthday party? intimate wedding Or dinner, right? TIANN’S can accommodate up to 45 people and has lots of great food. They also offer healthy lunch options and sugar-free matcha lattes if your team is working during the day. This dog-friendly restaurant also has patio seating and water if you bring your four-legged friend.

Merci Marcel has several outdoor tables. So you can take your furry friends! They also brought water bowls for the dogs.

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Are you gluten-free and an animal lover? This is the place for you! Reserve a seat outside and bring your furry friend. They are not advertised as pets. But when I asked our server about it during dinner, He said that pets are allowed outside. Call ahead to order to avoid disappointment.

Want to avoid the city center? Head to Menage Cafe, a dog-friendly cafe that serves Western food. There is also a menu specifically for your pet. Choose from delicious treats for your pup such as salmon steak, chicken breast, pork tenderloin and more. They also have colorful benches where you can relax and take adorable Instagram-worthy photos!

While in Dempsey, know that Wagington Luxury Pet Hotel & Spa is a great option for dog day care or boarding. There is also Singpet Pet Store, which is home to the largest pet store in Singapore. which sells everything for dogs. And you can take your furry friend with you to the market. Please note that pets must wear diapers.

Dog-friendly Restaurants Near Me Indoor

It’s a great place for kids and puppies alike. For children there is a wonderful playground. Get to run for free AND there’s plenty of outdoor seating for parents. Plus space for your dog to enjoy. Read more about it in our guide to kid-friendly restaurants.

Dog Friendly Restaurant Lisboa, Flores Da Pampa

Looking for good food? With your little one? We always enjoy eating with our dogs on the terrace in the farm-turned-restaurant. Next time you visit TBB Safari, be aware that the only dog-friendly area is in the back. There is also a playground and lots of green spaces for the children. Run and play freely Don’t forget to make a reservation!

Furkids are welcome at this family-run brewery restaurant in a former British army barracks in Dempsey, with a beautiful green garden. The interior is spacious. and outdoor dining Grab lunch or dinner or enjoy a weekend brunch with a pint made by the RedDot Brewhouse team while the kids do. Enjoy casual activities like face painting. and catching several kilos of fish The menu ranges from starters to tapas, pasta, pizza, burgers, steaks and desserts.

Burnt Ends Bakery is known for its sweet donuts. They also sell coffee and other baked goods. Take your furry child with you. With plenty of outdoor seating, the dog-friendly cafe is popular with breakfast goers. Be sure to get there early, as the famous donuts usually sell out by noon.

The Dempsey Project has plenty of outdoor seating in the courtyard. This makes it a great dog cafe in Dempsey. The food is delicious – think spicy brunch. appetizer Gluten Free Banana Pancakes and more!

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My pups love walking around the botanical gardens in the early morning or late afternoon. and occasionally eat If you don’t have a car and your pup doesn’t have enough energy to get from one end of the park to the other, You can call Grab Pet Home at the Visitor Center or Learning Center anytime

Although most botanic gardens are dog-friendly, there are some areas where this is not allowed, such as the National Orchid Garden and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. For a complete list see here.

Judging by the customers, Bee’s Knees Botanical Garden looks like the ultimate dog cafe! This garden cafe is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing meal in the botanic gardens with your dog. We like to stop here for breakfast at the start or after our walk.

Dog-friendly Restaurants Near Me Indoor

I am addicted to Plain Vanilla Salted Caramel Cupcakes and usually use them for any type of exercise. (Like a botanical walk) is an excuse to eat at Plain Vanilla Bakery. It’s small inside. Therefore, it is not a dog cafe to eat with your pet. But there is a place to leash your dog outside the store. (A bowl of water is provided) so you can watch them grab their treats. For you!

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This dog/cat friendly cafe in the west has great coffee, delicious food and friendly service. And free cookies for your little ones! A fan and water bowl outside help keep your pet cool and happy. Recommended by readers!

Looking for a good place With my dog ​​in the Orchard area? Look no further than Nassim Hill Bakery! We love going to this dog-friendly cafe for brunch. But they also serve lunch and dinner. Be sure to reserve a seat outside as they fill up quickly!

Although I didn’t bring my dog ​​here to actually eat here. But it’s also a very friendly restaurant. Passing by Brewekz every day my dog ​​has learned that there is usually a dog there to hang out like a turtle foraging in the restaurant If you are looking for a place to enjoy a cool evening with your dog this is the place to go . This is the place for you!

Port Robertson is a great place to walk dogs. And you can even see otters here. If you live with a puppy Make sure you keep a safe distance from the otters. And if your dog is acting a little aggressive? Maybe avoid stopping altogether? Many of the restaurants in Robertson Quay are pet friendly due to their outdoor space. Our favorites are:

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Whether you want to watch the latest sporting events with your furry friend. Or just enjoy Australian food? You will love this place. They have plenty of outdoor seating and are very pet friendly.

We love going to this dog friendly cafe to eat healthy food. Think of it as a smoothie bowl. Avocado Toast Overnight Oats and more! All seating is outside. suitable for dogs

This is a great place to enjoy a good coffee. Have a glass with man’s best friend. Dogs are allowed in the outdoor seating area.

Dog-friendly Restaurants Near Me Indoor

Want to eat Mexican food with your four-legged friend? Super Loco is your place! Be sure to order something delicious from the restaurant’s delicious brunch menu. You will always find a dog or two here.

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Need a break from the city? Head to Aloha Beach Bar with your fur baby for some sun, sand and sea! Plenty of room for your furry friend to roam around.

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