Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood – Here is a huge list of dog-friendly cafes and restaurants where you can dine with your dog Remember to book in advance!

Singapore may not rank highly for dog-friendliness, but luckily we have a number of dog-friendly restaurants and cafes scattered across the country.

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood

We’ve compiled a list of places to eat with your dog, and with Singapore’s vibrant food scene, we’re adding to it almost weekly! So, bookmark this post and keep checking back 

Best Thai Fish Head Curry ⁉️ Pet Friendly Too 🦮

If you know of any new pet-friendly businesses or any that have closed, let us know in the comments below!

As government and food and beverage business practices and guidelines change from time to time, call premises before you visit and let them know you are bringing your dog. Reservations are recommended as there is a limited number of places in some places

Well Collective is a pet-friendly, wellness-focused venue, an inviting cafe with an inclusive menu during the day and an ideal meeting place with a pop-up dinner menu in the evening. The cafe is integrated with a pet grooming salon and adjacent veterinary clinic where pet owners can drop their pets off at the salon or vet and sit in the cafe while they wait for their pets.

You will get good value for money at Lola Cafe Portions are large and reasonably priced Outdoor seating is however very limited for customers with pets

Dog Friendly Restaurants In Petaluma

Canopy’s new store in Changi Village transports you to a tranquil beach reserve sheltered by a lush beach, calm waves and powdery sand. Along with live music, food and refreshing drinks, you can relax in the outdoor dining area with your dogs while enjoying the waterside views of Changi Creek, the Straits of Johor and Pulau Ubin. 

Spanish food done very well at this cozy and simple Spanish restaurant It gets crowded and has limited outdoor seating so be sure to check with them before bringing your dog

We were delighted with the quality of the food at Eleven Strand Both the Crab Meat Pasta ($27) and the Wagyu Beef Burger ($28) were delicious. There were 2 or 3 tables outside that could accommodate pets

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood

The food at Chicken Pie Kitchen is good and reasonably priced We highly recommend trying this place for their pies and shrimp or crab Having said that, the cafe is quite small and can get a bit crowded during peak times If you want to bring your dog, it’s best to go into recession 

Restaurants & Pubs In Polperro, Cornwall That Are Dog Friendly

Amazing service, delicious food and a very cozy place to hang out with your dog or have a dog meeting! We loved the truffle burrata ($31), pear and pecorino salad ($24), scallops ($22) and pistachio ice cream ($6).

A cozy outdoor dining spot to hang out with your dog while enjoying decadent fish and chips or bangers and mash. After lunch, head to Orchard Road or in the opposite direction to the Botanical Gardens.

MOIC recently opened the first pet-friendly dessert bar in Dempsey with a dog park! Entrance is free and open to the public

The first store was built in 1928 and is located in the charming Cluny Court, a beautiful shophouse preserved by the URA. It is located next to the Singapore Botanic Gardens and has many dog-friendly restaurants for a relaxing day out.

Rick Stein Sandbanks Restaurant Near Poole & Bournemouth

If you’re looking for more dining options around Cluny Court, take a short walk to the Serene Center and you’ll find several dog-friendly restaurants. 

When we visited Santi’s in August 2023, they were running a promotion for pets. Bring your pup to Santi for 15% off All you need to do is take a photo of your pet in Santis, post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag Show the staff your photo and get 15% off the total bill 

Waterfront restaurants and cafes on Quayside Isle are dog-friendly. Check the directory on the Quayside Isle website for an up-to-date list of restaurants

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood

Board the Royal Albatross for a dog-friendly cruise and enjoy Singapore’s skyline while enjoying a buffet breakfast or 4-course dinner. Fun fact: The ship appeared in “The Dark Knight” as Bruce Wayne’s personal ship

Dog Friendly Restaurants Sarasota Archives

Dining and drinking by the river with TOMA, a piece of modern European charm with good food and good times while the river rushes by.

Here are 8 common dog treats you find on the market and why they are bad for your dog. Hidden in the heart of St. Catherine’s Docks is the dog-friendly restaurant Melusine, where the menu changes daily and serves a delicious menu of seafood surprises. Just before closing, we were invited to try Melusine’s dog-friendly and, of course, seafood

As a vegetarian who does not eat fish, I would not do justice to the invitation if Beliha and I were present. So we invited our friend and food blogger Fede de Pestabytes and her Basset Fauve Amber to join us.

The trip to and from Melusine certainly made the most of St. Catherine’s Docks In fact the sparkling water with the boats on the horizon made me feel like we were momentarily teleported to a more Mediterranean climate.

Is Center Parcs Whinfell Forest Dog Friendly?

When I arrived at The Melusine, the restaurant was smaller than I had imagined, tucked away in the basement of the Ivory House. We were warmly welcomed and shown to our table which was chosen to allow the dog room to stretch out Both dogs were given a bowl of water and treated as a priority that deserves recognition

Melusine certainly gives context to the phrase “small but perfectly formed”. Although the space is intimate, we didn’t feel overwhelmed at all and the decor was modern and warm. The chefs, led by Theodore Kyriakou (of Real Greek and Greek Lard fame), are king of the kitchen, preparing dishes supported by an intimate atmosphere.

Opened in 2019 at St. Catharine Docks, Melusine Restaurant serves sustainable seafood and offers diners an unforgettable and unexpected experience. The menu varies daily depending on the seafood available, and the resulting dishes are impressively crafted.

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood

Even as a vegetarian, I felt that Melusine’s front office team, led by Wade Munford, made suggestions to adapt items on the menu as needed. As a result, I enjoyed a delicious meal, followed by a long sweet dessert…the incredibly delicious chocolate tahini tart.

Dog Friendly Padstow

“If you are a vegetarian, vegan or don’t eat fish, Melusine may not be the place for you. But if you like fish (caught, of course), you’ll love it. on a variety to satisfy most palates. eat fish)

Among the snacks we tried was a balanced fried herring with half a soft-boiled egg and radish. The carefully selected crab from the raw bar was a delicate combination of white and brown crab meat, served over raw, bitter escarole, but could have used a little more seasoning or some sour ingredients to highlight the fresh crab. Cold smoked Scottish salmon with roasted vegetables and horseradish cream was the standout dish of the night – the fish had great texture and the chives and cream provided a lovely spicy contrast.

We tried a few fish-free dishes: a satisfying beetroot salad with gorgonzola cheese and sunflower seeds, a side of winter tomatoes and triple-boiled fries. We also ordered a portion of bread, which was necessary, especially to give some support to the fish dish which had no starch or carbs.

With the dessert menu, the chef seems to be having fun There are some very interesting and appetizing options and we had a bit of a hard time deciding what to try. Chocolate Tahini Tart has a crispy base and a rich, dark chocolate ganache that hides the nutritious tahini. A challenging Cornish blue cheese ice cream went from weird to delicious in just a few bites, aided by a mixed sour cherry coulis.

Dog Friendly Restaurant & Cafe Pyrmont

The front desk staff were knowledgeable and friendly and made us and our dogs feel very welcome The interior is small and only offers 40 seats, giving a touch of intimacy to the space, helped by the dock lights shining through the windows. “

Belina and Amber certainly felt at home and enjoyed the fuss and attention the staff gave them If there was any dog ​​criticism of their visit to Melusine it might be that they didn’t even get to try the seafood…

So did L. Melusin

Dog Friendly Restaurants Near Me Seafood

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