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Not all dogs, mom or dad, are comfortable leaving their pup behind (hello!). When it comes to summer road trips, why not bring Buddy along for the ride?

Dog-friendly Road Trips Near Me

Dog-friendly Road Trips Near Me

For pups who do well in the car (my Frenchie Jackson loves a cozy jam and good vibrations), road trips are a great way to include your canine companion in your travels.

Most Pet Friendly Road Trip Cities In America

Unlike air travel, most cars offer plenty of room for your dog. It also gives you the freedom and flexibility to plan and target as you see fit, with more exciting options when it comes to dog housing.

Still on the wall? We break down everything you need to know, prepare and pack so you can take your favorite uncle on your next adventure.

The term “precious cargo” applies to more than just children. Make sure your four-legged friend is safe before you leave the road. Fortunately for you, there are many options that will take care of your dog’s safety while on the road.

A personal preference is a dog seat belt, with a seat belt with a harness or a restraint belt like the EZYDOG. This is a great option if your dog is comfortable in the actual seat of your car. Make sure the seat belt is tight on the roof and properly wrapped around the jack before moving.

The Ultimate Dog Friendly Summer Road Trip Guide

Yes, dog car seats are a thing. These often also attach to seat belts and can be attached to a dog’s harness or collar for a second level of protection. Or you can opt for a booster seat like the Kurgo, which folds up and gives your dog a little more space while still in place.

Are you looking for a dog-friendly environment by creating a bed for your dog? Like a hammock, it’s also ideal for keeping dog hair and handling crumbs. However, this option is best combined with a dog seat belt because a hammock alone will not secure your pup.

If you have a large vehicle with plenty of room to breathe and your dog is well behaved, this may work for you. Remember that you will need to find a way to secure the soft case so that it stays in place. Consider impact-proof travel. Keep in mind that crates may not be the best choice for anxious puppies.

Dog-friendly Road Trips Near Me

If you have a large ceiling and an even larger cargo area, you can secure a barrier made of mesh or metal strips. This also works if you have more than one dog and have a section of the vehicle reserved for them. Cargo bars can keep dogs from traveling in cars, but they don’t protect your dog, so wear a seat belt.

Top Dog Friendly Road Trip Destinations In Florida

Dogs sleep about 14 hours a day, which means that once you’re safely asleep, your dog needs a comfortable place to rest and relax. Make sure your dog has enough room to stand, turn and adjust as needed.

A good rule of thumb is to provide a space as large as your normal dog bed. In fact, keeping your dog’s real bed is an easy solution. Don’t want to take an ordinary dog ​​bed on the street? Buy one for the trip and have your pup prepared so you know exactly what to expect on departure day. Bonus: Not only will they fill the bed with their scent, but also other familiars in your home.

With so much packing and planning, don’t forget the essentials, as well as toys and treats that will keep your dog happy on your trip.

These usually include collars/leashes (with current ID tags) and harnesses, pet waste bags, and food and water bowls. Packed silicone cups are also useful and great for on-the-go.

Two Most Scenic Dog Friendly Road Trips In Northern California

Soft and fluffy toys are the safest for road trips. Look for soft toys that your dog won’t break easily. Perhaps noisy toys and string toys in the house – both are vibrational hazards and no amount of noise can maintain your zen state.

Stock up on bones, chews, clubs and rawhides. However, make sure you save them for long-term storage or when you arrive at your residence – these are risk-mitigators. Fillable cones like Kong rubber toys also fall into this category.

If your child likes to play, be sure to bring tennis balls, frisbees, and football launchers for the fenced-in mall and dog park.

Dog-friendly Road Trips Near Me

Everyone wanted to eat, including Bowser. Dogs eat two types of food: dry and wet. The easiest food is dry kibble. Many brands sell 5-ounce bags, making it easy to grab one (don’t forget the measuring cup) and store it for a long time. If you’re traveling for a short time, you can divide the food into reusable silicone bags ahead of time.

City Walks With Pets

For cold food, it should be very easy to buy the cans or packets you need. However, be careful with temperature warnings. For example, if your child consumes cold food (or dry food) that must be stored at or below a certain temperature, you may need to make this accommodation. Keep a small cooler for your dog’s food.

If you forget your dog’s food, run out, or can’t find it when you get to your destination, buy food with a similar ingredient list and fill yourself with secret ingredients. Organic, canned pumpkin.

“The fiber in pumpkin can help prevent any irritation caused by a new food,” says Joanna Devereaux, clinical pet nutritionist and director of nutrition and health at Bow Wow Labs.

Don’t forget to treat the dog. These things should be included in the diet. Also, consider packing something extra to reward your child for being a good boy or girl throughout the trip.

Must Haves For A Dog Friendly Road Trip • Where’s The Frenchie?

Also, make sure you stock up on your baby’s vitamins and supplements. It’s important to keep up with your dog’s regular nutritional intake – this method is no exception. If your dog gets colic when walking, consider ginger root as a remedy. “Ginger extract can help calm and settle the stomach and is best administered before departure,” advises Devereaux.

TPG Tip: Keep dog food and treats where they fit in your vehicle so he’s not tempted by familiar smells.

Just as you have a stash of emergency protein bars and trail mix, you should do the same for your trusty companion. There are many unknowns associated with the open road. You may be delayed by weather or car trouble and need to pack extra dog food. (I want to pack at least two days worth of extra food).

Dog-friendly Road Trips Near Me

Of course, stopping for special treats and hearty meals is a great part of a road trip. When your puppy follows you, it should be no exception to the rule. Once you’ve worked out your route and itinerary, do your due diligence to find some stops for us. (Although the occasional Starbucks cappuccino can be fun, it’s best not to make it a daily treat.)

Dog Road Trip To Selkirk Provincial Park And Port Dover, Ontario (plus Dog Beach!)

Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming – Not only will you get delicious treats to mix and match, but if your partner could use a break, indulge in a dress-up schedule. Founded in Florida, Barkery now has 200 locations in 18 states, from North Carolina to New Jersey and from Colorado to Las Vegas.

Three Dog Bakery – Find fresh baked goods from “cauliflower cookies” to bacon-egg cookies in Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, Minnesota and other states.

Dog Bakery: Want to celebrate your pup’s birthday on the road? Order a party cake. Or package delicious cookies, crackers and a variety of treats from locations throughout California.

Do you want to spoil your child? Consider a hotel stay where you can treat your pup to a gourmet restaurant or stop for a leisurely meal at a dog social club.

Dogs And Roadtrips

Loews Hotels: Check-in care package includes treats, bowls, placemats and litter, plus a full gourmet room service menu for dogs prepared by the hotel’s executive chef. Wow in Heaven Serve a mixture of cold meat, steak, eggs and rice or shredded chicken with carrots.

Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World: Once you’re done with Mickey Mouse popcorn and big turkey legs, order the K-9 crudita, hot dog (scrambled egg, rice and beef broth) and frozen peanut butter and banana chips. for the dog

Lazy dog ​​food: In Florida, Virginia, Texas, and Colorado, this

Dog-friendly Road Trips Near Me

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