Dog Friendly Vacations Ohio – A trip to the Hocking Hills can be a satisfying experience, especially if you are the type of vacationer whose goal is to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Hocking Hills offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenery with waterfalls, caves, forests and many places to explore. The only thing better than traveling with family and friends is traveling with your pets. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly vacation spot, look no further than Hocking Hills! Read on to learn how to enjoy Ohio’s wildlife while visiting the Hocking Hills!

Visitors to Hocking Hills who want to appreciate the geography of the area won’t want to miss the opportunity to experience Old Man’s Cave. Luckily, getting there is half the fun! When you walk along Old Man’s Cave Trail at Hocking Hills State Park, bring a leash so your dog can enjoy the ride, too. At just over half a mile, this trail is a slightly challenging hike with plenty of opportunities to see wildflowers, wildlife, and stunning foliage and rock formations along the way. Every trip to the Hocking Hills should include a visit to Old Man’s Cave, even if the creature is in Ohio!

Dog Friendly Vacations Ohio

Dog Friendly Vacations Ohio

While canoe rentals at Hocking Hills Canoe Uniform are a favorite pastime for human visitors to Hocking Hills, it’s just as fun for dogs! Dogs are welcome during your guided tour or afternoon dip in the water. You can paddle at your own pace or with a guide and enjoy the river’s scenery and tranquil beauty. No matter which way you wade, make it a fun family memory.

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After a day of fun and exploration in the Hocking Hills, sometimes a good BBQ is just right for you. For a delicious and healthy meal, look no further than Millstone BBQ in Logan. This cozy spot is known for its relaxed atmosphere and friendly service, and as an added bonus, dogs are welcome to dine on the patio. A great Ohio vacation should always include delicious food for both pets and owners!

Planning the best pet-friendly Ohio vacation for your Hocking Hills trip is a great idea, as there are plenty of activities to enjoy with your four-legged friend at any time. Make a few stops on any day of your stay to take your intellectual journey and fun to the next level of excellence!

While you’re in Hocking Hills State Park, you can also extend your Old Man’s Cave trip by visiting the nearby Ash Cave. This natural stone is not only one of the finest in the area, it is also known as one of the largest in the area. The scenery alone would be enough, but those who love photography won’t want to miss the chance to capture Hocking Hills’ rich caves throughout the day. This is a great place to stop for lunch or just enjoy the scenery before heading out to one of the many trails in this connected area.

Lake Hope State Park is another great place to explore with your dog when you visit Hocking Hills. This beautiful park covers 2,983 acres and also includes Zaleski National Forest. Many visitors can walk into the surrounding forest, taking photos or bird watching along the way. If you love history, take some time to explore on your own by walking the 3-mile Hope Furnace Trail.

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If hitting the road with a pillow is the highlight of any trip, the Fairfield Heritage Trail is another great option. This is just one part of the area’s railway, which is now supported by conservation and provides a beautiful and peaceful way to explore. You’ll want to keep your pets safe, but it’s worth it to enjoy the views and quiet surroundings in town.

If you’re looking to sample south-of-the-border cuisine on your trip, Los Amigos in Logan is a great choice. Serving Tex-Mex as well as authentic Mexican food, Los Amigos is a fun and exciting place where you can enjoy everything from homemade tortillas to tamales paired with margaritas. Another great thing about Los Amigos is that it has an outdoor patio and even dogs are welcome!

No matter when you arrive in Hocking Hills, book a Hocking Hills pet rental with the experts at Buffalo Cabins & Lodges to ensure it’s the perfect pet-friendly vacation. Give us a call today to learn more about our pet-friendly options for those looking for a rustic getaway that truly captures Ohio’s great outdoors. Hikers will enjoy the many trails through Hocking Hills State Park, while those seeking inland adventure will be drawn to the area’s many beautiful sandstone caves. No matter where you travel, these adventures are usually best enjoyed in the company of family, friends, and four-legged friends. When you’re traveling with your pet, our Hocking Hills pet-friendly rentals are the perfect choice for a great vacation. Let the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodge take care of your Hocking Hills needs. We will ensure that you are staying in a beautiful house or hotel that will make the entire staff feel good from the moment you arrive.

Dog Friendly Vacations Ohio

There’s no reason to say no to comfort or luxury when visiting our Hocking Hills friendly rentals Buffalo cabins and lodges. Guests of our Hocking Hills pet-friendly rentals will enjoy larger properties that are more exclusive than hotel rentals and feature large kitchens, living rooms with spacious beds, and luxurious and stylish furnishings.

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Home cooks who like to cook at home while on vacation will be pleased to know that many Ohio State Park attractions offer fully equipped kitchens for those who need to eat at home from time to time. As an added bonus, many kitchens feature beautiful cabinets, ample counter space, and high-end appliances. These kitchens will save you money and support a true family environment when staying in a three-week, monthly, or long-term cabin at one of Ohio’s state parks.

Add an outdoor patio for when everyone wants to watch and chat. When you need to unwind in the evening, take advantage of the large flat-screen TV with high-speed Internet access. Enjoy the rustic decor of many of our Ohio pet-friendly cabins and experience the beauty of a natural home in the Hocking Hills. When you’re not out admiring the views, come see the heart of Hocking Hills by admiring the large windows displaying numerous animals. Not only do these windows allow an abundance of natural light to filter through the spacious floor plan, but guests can wake up and fall asleep to inspiring views. Of course, every pet-friendly Hocking Hills, Ohio rental home is cleaned regularly to ensure it’s ready for your stay!

There’s no reason to dream about the human comfort you need when your pet needs a comfortable stay during your Hocking Hills, Ohio vacation. When you’re looking for a pet-friendly luxury rental in Hocking Hills that features multiple fireplaces, a large backyard, an outdoor fireplace, or granite countertops, let us know. If you’re traveling with family and friends and are looking for a great time renting, be sure to check out our great deals on pool tables! Likewise, many of our properties in the Hocking Hills area can be customized to suit taste and style, offering multi-level balconies, wading pools or lake views for added appeal.

While Hocking Hills pet rentals are fun, Hocking Hills is also a place that invites visitors to get out and explore. If you’re a hiker, be sure to visit the Ash, Old Man’s Cave, and Stone House Trail for incredible views and a chance to explore the caves. All three methods are suitable for dogs as long as your dog is on a leash at all times. Don’t miss checking into one of our Old Man’s Cave cabin rentals in Hocking Hills.

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