Good Places To Vacation With Dogs – Love your dog and don’t want to travel without it? We’ve also selected places that are pet-friendly and where your dog won’t be considered a stranger.

Choose your accommodation at the best price. Click on “pet friendly” in the search filter list and treat your loyal friend to the best pet friendly holiday in Europe.

Good Places To Vacation With Dogs

Good Places To Vacation With Dogs

Transylvania is the perfect destination for dog lovers who want to explore its beautiful landscapes, medieval towns, castles and historic city centers with their four-legged friends. 

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Transylvania is probably one of the most beautiful regions in Romania, with world-famous cities such as Sibiu (twice awarded as one of the most beautiful places in Europe), Gülüfeherer, Cluj-Napoca, Segesvar, Brasov. These historic cities have a wonderful architectural, cultural, religious and culinary heritage. 

Perfect for traveling with dogs in spring, summer or autumn, Transylvania is well worth a visit on Christmas Day in Europe, especially the Christmas markets in Sibiu, Brasov and Cluj. 

As you walk through the streets of Sibiu, look out: the houses on the roof have eyes! Visit Bran Castle, home of Dracula. don’t worry about your dog: Dracula is only interested in human blood.

While in Romania, explore some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes and visit sustainable tourism destinations designated by the European Commission, such as Gyulafehérvár. Not far from there, you’ll find the Rapa Rocher geological formation that transports you to the landscapes of the American Far West. Want to blow up your Instagram account? Visit the colorful city of Segeswara.

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Travel with your best friend this year and befriend a dog in Romania. Choose dog friendly and choose from over 100 dog friendly homes.

Great Sibiu and book your room at Continental Forum Sibiu. This is a dog-friendly hotel in the center of Sibiu.

Known as the “Dalmatian dog”, Dalmatia, a beautiful region of Croatia, is certainly a pet-friendly destination.

Good Places To Vacation With Dogs

Book the best things to do in Dalmatia, such as visiting Trogir, Split or Krka National Park, and book a pet-friendly hotel at the lowest price from over 1,000 pet-friendly accommodations in Dalmatia. Click on “Pet Friendly” and see the available accommodation in Dalmatia.

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Venice is not only a city of lovers, but it is also home to over 500 pet-friendly accommodations, from the most famous palaces like the Baglioni Hotel Luna or the Westin Europa and Regina to dozens of budget hotels and apartments. . Treat your pet to an unforgettable stay in Venice, such as a traditional gondola experience, a boat trip to the island of Murano or tickets to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Walloons love their territory and are friendly to animals. Over 1,300 pet-friendly hotels in Wallonia have great deals. 

Book a hotel for you and your pet in the most beautiful Walloon cities such as Durbouy, Liège, Namur or Mons at the lowest price. Click on “pet friendly” to see available accommodation in Wallonia.

Paris is one of the best destinations in Europe with over 1,000 pet-friendly residences, hotels and apartments. Even the elegant Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg welcomes you and your pet during your stay in Paris.

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Enjoy this warm welcome and let your pet walk in parks such as the Parc des Buttes Chaumont or the Jardins du Luxembourg. If your pet wants a relaxing stay at the hotel, take advantage of it and offer the best activities in Paris, such as a tour of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Seine.

Many people stop traveling with their pets because they are not treated with respect or attention. Not so in an animal-friendly country like Portugal.

In addition to many other traits, the Portuguese are also dog lovers. Over 400 pet-friendly businesses in Lisbon. Book a hotel with your pet at the best price and the best programs for your holiday in Portugal. Don’t forget to click on ‘for pets’ to explore available accommodation.

Good Places To Vacation With Dogs

With over 340 pet-friendly hotels, Madrid is one of the best pet-friendly destinations in Europe. Book your pet-friendly accommodation at the best price, like the wonderful Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

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If you want to refresh yourself while in Madrid, consider a hotel with a rooftop pool, such as Catalunya Gran Via.

Check out the best pet-friendly hotels in Spain’s capital and top activities like a tour of the Prado Museum at Madrid’s Royal Palace. Don’t forget to click on the “pet friendly” button to find all the apartments in Madrid. 

With nearly 300 pet-friendly accommodations, Santorini, a beautiful Aegean island, is a paradise for you and your dog. You will enjoy strolling through the alleys.

Choose pet-friendly accommodation in Santorini at the best price for your favorite activities and enjoy an unforgettable vacation on one of the Greek islands.

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The capital of Latvia is a beautiful place. voted by thousands of tourists as one of Europe’s best urban travel destinations. With over 230 pet-friendly accommodations, Riga is one of the best pet-friendly destinations in Europe.

Book your favorite hotel, B&B, hostel, apartment in Riga at the lowest prices, as well as a tour of Riga’s beautiful art nouveau architecture.

Cadaques is a charming fishing town where the great Salvador Dali and his humble but equally brilliant friend, Marcel Duchamp, vacationed.

Good Places To Vacation With Dogs

Immerse yourself in art history, sun and blue waters at this beautiful location. Choose from over 130 pet-friendly lodges, hotels and apartments at the best prices for your vacation in the sun in Cadaques. Click on “pet friendly” to explore all places in Cadaques.

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Bruges has over 50 pet-friendly businesses. The city is a great destination for those traveling with pets. Explore all the beauty and treasures of Bruges with your pet.

Book your hotel at the best price and your favorite things to do in Bruges, such as a private tour or beer and chocolate tasting in Bruges. Click on ‘Pet Friendly’ to view all accommodation in Bruges.

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