Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me – Artyzen Singapore’s pet package allows you to bring up to two dogs in the comfortable Terrace Suites and one dog in the Premier Balcony Rooms. (Photo: Artisen Singapore)

The sins of jealousy are real. Just like parents of (human) children, those of us with fur babies feel sad when the stresses of everyday life make it difficult to spend time with our beloved pets. The solution to overcome this crime is to meet and protect your four-legged friend.

Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me

Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me

Although big hotels like Capella Singapore and InterContinental Singapore have long allowed pets, it’s always worth checking out something different. Many new hotels in Singapore are opening, including Artisen Singapore, Conrad Singapore Orchard, and Fraser Residence River Promenade. Provide the animals. – Social events.

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This gave us the perfect reason, a reason, to hire Ralph, a very friendly and intelligent Shiba Inu, as a second reviewer for a new approach.

First, we walked to Artisen Singapore on Cascaden Road. The garden at the entrance was Ralph’s favorite. I liked the way the vegetation got me out of the concrete jungle of Orchard Road while the dog was busy wandering around the plants.

The hotel’s pet package allows two dogs in Deluxe Terrace Suites and one dog in Premier Balcony Rooms. Friends receive a thoughtful welcome package including a comfortable dog bed, pet bowl, toys and treats.

Terrace rooms are luxurious, but they come with another great feature that furkids love. There is a large private terraced garden.

The Pawsome Pet Friendly Staycation At Sentosa 🐶

As I expected, Ralph was overjoyed at his good opinion and hurried out into the garden. The garden is big enough for a double bed, and there’s still plenty of floor space to spread out a yoga mat or two. . Other safety features include two doors on the balcony to prevent popular animals from slipping into the garden without being seen.

The living room is also stunning, with wide two-layer ceilings and warm herringbone wood, polished stone, and brass. Designed by architecture firm Ong & Ong in collaboration with interior design studio Nic Graham & Associates, the space is set on a building that was originally built as a garden home for a pioneer’s grandson. of Singaporean Tan Tock Seng. We love the pop of light, especially a rug designed to bring people into a room.

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Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me

One of Artyzen’s unique features is that dogs are welcome outside of the hotel’s dining program, Cafe Quenino. Located next to a beautiful garden, the cafe’s breakfast menu includes local dishes such as nasi lemak and crab omelet, and the waiters will be happy to serve you a bowl of cold water animals.

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At night, the place transforms into a college and casual dining area, serving up delicious dishes like chicken and curry stew with pasta and a whole Boston steak. (I’m not sure if I’ll give you a point or two as an interesting indication of the results, but I’m happy to report that he agrees with the winning results.)

Another thing owners should know is that they cannot leave their pets alone, even in their rooms. So if people want to go to Orchard Road or eat at the fine dining restaurant at Hotel Victor Quinino, it’s difficult. Lion This policy is less restrictive than other pet-friendly hotels, meaning that owners should not leave their pets alone during cleaning, but Artisen advises on safety issues.

That being said, the purpose of all this is to shower my dog ​​with love and care so that the lucky person can enjoy a long walk around my company. Tip: Botanical Gardens and Dempsey are just around the corner. His favorite time is to retreat to the cool and airy of his bedroom for a good night’s rest.

We continued our tour of the newly opened Fraser Residence River Promenade. Located on Jiak Kim Street, near the Singapore River, it is one of the best pet friendly places in Singapore.

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In particular, the three stores, which have been carefully designed as lounges, lounges, bars, snack bars and co-working spaces, will appeal to thousands of people and beyond. After all, it’s home to Zouk, one of Singapore’s biggest clubs.

As I walked along the river with Ralph, I saw him point out several landmarks, including the “Rainbow” bridge, where Zouk shooters ran for fresh air. . However, this dog needs more breath than most other dogs that use this stretch to go out for walks every day.

Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me

Fraser Residence River Promenade apartments feature fully equipped kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances. (Photo: Fraser Residence River Promenade)

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Best of all, there are many outdoor dining areas along the Robertson Quay area that cater to both people and animals. The Fraser resident recommended Botany for Asian fusion and Bella Pasta for Italian. During my stay, I discovered that Tanah Merah Coffee Robertson Quay not only serves delicious tea, but also has a small menu of Indonesian food.

Although Fraser Residences are mainly serviced apartments, we also offer short stays of up to six nights (think school holidays) and allow one pet per room in units with more than one room. .

The development was designed by Farm and SCDA Architects and features modern timber and gray colours. The feathered VIPs were also given their own souvenirs, including bowls of sweet water, stuffed animals, and other goodies, which they accepted.

The modern apartment is equipped with the best kitchen appliances for the discerning chef with special hot food needs, and top of the line appliances including premium water filter pumps, air filters and Dyson hair dryers. .

Pet Friendly Places In Singapore

Best of all, we found that enjoying the sunset with evening cocktails and delicious snacks in the Lounge was the perfect way to relax. The dog sat quietly by the lake, watching the visitors come and go, some stopping to bow. Another victory for the beast, I told myself I would drink a sugar-cold drink.

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We understand that switching supervisors can be difficult, but we want your CNA experience to be fast, secure, and enjoyable. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with the chaos of work and life, but I finally had some time so I thought I’d share my pet friendly session with you! 🐶🏖️

Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me

🔸The Pixi costs an extra $80 per night, but the package with dog treats, toys and supplies is worth every penny.

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🔹We wanted a relaxing and stress-free trip, so we booked a night at Tanjong Beach Club (just a short walk from the Sofitel).

🔹 My friends joined us and we spent the day relaxing, relaxing and soaking up the sun. Plus, Pixie really enjoyed playing on the beach! 😍

I know it’s a little difficult, but we’re still worried about him. 🥵 He can’t get hot and we don’t want him to suffer. But we were careful and took precautions like keeping him cool, giving him plenty of water, and keeping him in the shade.

🥙For lunch, we ate delicious Greek food at Mykonos Quayside. The drinks flowed, the food was simple but delicious, and the atmosphere was perfect.

Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Beach Resort’s Pet Friendly Hospitality

All in all, we recommend a short stay at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore for an unforgettable, pet-friendly stay and a beach getaway for your fur baby.

Do you have any suggestions for friendly hotels in Sentosa or Singapore where I can get my pixie next I need to know in the comments below. 😇 “What, is this fun?” If you find yourself calling your caterer to see if you can order one from your furry friend, don’t. ;

With the rise of pet stores like One Holland Village, there are many pet-friendly locations. But where are you? Don’t worry, I know. As a pet owner myself, I’ve seen the difficulties of searching.

Pet Friendly Destinations Near Me

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