Pet Friendly Trips Near Me – Timing: Not very often in the late afternoon, but if not every hour, so plan carefully!! go early

😋 I’ve been dying to visit the islands ever since I found out they accept pets??? Happy to bring my boyfriend’s dog with me so he can enjoy the beautiful and quiet beach on the SG coast!! #with my best friends

Pet Friendly Trips Near Me

Pet Friendly Trips Near Me

📍 The ferry time I bought was 8am, but please note that you can join the ferry at any time and not the one you booked!!! which is VERY practical. At the Marina ferry port there are many convenient stalls to buy drinks, snacks, we even had lunch there!!! (Only the Nasi Lemak, it wasn’t that bad!)

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👍🏻 The ferry was very clean and the journey was smooth and fast too! It took about 15 minutes, but my boyfriend and I fell asleep so quickly because it was so relaxing, honestly. But stay awake and you will be able to enjoy the magnificent view of the sea.

🤍 The road between St Johns and Lazarus Island is BEAUTIFUL. The waters are clear, blue, and the breeze is pleasant.

Along the Causeway you will see many families having small picnics or experienced men fishing!!! I actually talked to one of them and he said there are a lot of fish here and we can have a look at the smaller fish he caught. The thing is the fish was so big I can’t imagine the big ones LOLOL. So for those who know how to fish, visit this place!!! 😆

📍 At the entrance to Calzada, there is a bike shop where you can rent bikes and segways so it’s very good but I heard it was!!! If you have your own bike, you can bring it on board the ferry to explore the St. John and find the Marine Park Public Gallery. It’s just a nice place for air conditioning and to fill up your water/toilet, but the tanks were basically nothing to see!!! There are educational guides in the gallery, but it’s also very small, so you can honestly skip it…

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🤍 In Kusu Island, the island is very small, so 30 minutes is enough to explore the island UNLESS you want to have fun on its beach!! The thing about the beach here is that it’s super beautiful…different from Lazarous because it’s much whiter here than the blue water at Lazarous/St Johns, but both are VERY BEAUTIFUL which I love. 😍😍 Great for taking photos and for pets to swim/paddle/play at Kusu Beach because the water level is SUPER LOW and it’s very safe due to the surrounding docks.

Kusu’s iconic turtle pond is also home to many turtles, so it’s interesting to see!! DEFINITELY MUST CHECK 🤩🤩🤩 There are also a lot of people praying in the few temples there (you can buy incense sticks etc) but my favorite was the simple people wishing good luck there. Apparently if you flip a coin and a bell rings your wish will come true so hahaha you have to try it!! quite fun to hold and because it’s not easy 🫣🫣🫣It’s a great place for budding painters and animal lovers! You can bring your kids and the friendly owner even offers them water. The owner is also very patient and teaches all the skills needed to paint. I would say this is the only art studio where you can learn to paint.

Captain Angel was friendly and kind. It watches us when we venture too far and warns us not to venture onto the bridge, which earns security points. He also encouraged us to have more fun when we were worried, especially with the kayak. Overall it was a good experience

Pet Friendly Trips Near Me

The captain was very attentive and took us to some great places to swim. He threw the floats for the dogs and children who had a great time.

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It was a fun and safe tour around Pulau Ubin. A dog friendly excursion, we even provide life jackets for dogs in the kayak. The guide was knowledgeable and passionate about sharing the environment. All in all, it was very nice!

I had a wonderful stay. The captain and crew of one man were laid back and easy to get along with. There were some issues with the electric grill, but we managed to cook what we needed. I gave 5 stars because we left happy despite the little mishap. The sleeping conditions inside the cabin were better because it had air conditioning. Breakfast was simple but good. Overall a must try experience!

Great afternoon to watch the sunset and the city skyline. Easy booking. They have everything on the boat for music, BBQ, cold drinks and some water activities. I recommend with confidence

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Pet Friendly Trips Near Me

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Seek Sophie is a tribe of curious explorers who seek what is real and not what is exposed to tourists. We seek experiences that inspire wonder and leave us (and the places we visit!) a little brighter. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with work and the chaos of life, but I finally have time to share my recent stay with my pets. 🐶🏖️

🔸There was an extra SGD 80 per night for our Pixi, but the basket of goodies, toys and dog gear was worth every penny!👍🏻

🔹 We were looking for a relaxed and stress-free getaway, so we booked a daybed at Tanjong Beach Club (a short walk from the Sofitel).

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🔹Our friends followed us and we spent the day relaxing and enjoying the sun. And to top it off, Pixi had a blast playing on the beach! 😍

Although I have to say it was too hot, we were always worried about her. 🥵 The heat can be unbearable for her, and we didn’t want her to suffer from heat stroke. However, we were vigilant and took every precaution to keep her fresh, well hydrated and in the shade.💦

🥙For dinner, we tasted delicious Greek cuisine at Quayside’s Mykonos. The drinks were flowing, the food was simple but very good and the atmosphere was perfect.

Pet Friendly Trips Near Me

Overall, I highly recommend a short break at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore for an unforgettable pet-friendly stay with beach adventures for your fur baby.

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Any other suggestions for pet friendly hotels in Sentosa or Singapore where I can take Pixi next time? Please let me know in the comments below. 😇Did you know that Tanjong Beach is a pet friendly beach in Sentosa? Even the nearby tanjong Beach Club welcomes your baby legs. Located at the other end of the coast from Sentosa, but still easily accessible by car or tram from the beach. You’ll be surprised how much fun dogs have. I personally don’t have a dog, but I love how quieter Tanjong Beach is since it’s further away. So choosing Tanjong Beach allows me to see other people’s dogs too! For those who are afraid of animals or are allergic. Be aware that sometimes animals are friendly walkers and may run in front of you or even in front of your picnic mat. Dogs also enter marine waters. However, if you have a dog, it’s definitely a good playground for your baby’s paws. #beachvibes

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🥳 offers 3 free hotel nights! I work

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