Vacation Dog Boarding – This marks the official vernal equinox of 2016! With this in mind, many are planning vacations to fly to paradise to relax and welcome the new season. But if you’re a foster parent, there are some plans you should make before you go on vacation to ensure your furry friend is taken care of while you’re away. Keep reading for some tips for arranging full dog boarding and daycare in Chantilly, VA!

While we really wish we could take everyone in the family on vacation, sometimes we just can’t take our beloved dogs with us. When this happens, it is essential to plan a “vacation” for them while you are away by placing them in professional dog boarding. Some boarding facilities keep your puppy in a small crate or kennel all day.  Others, like Healthy Hound Playground, offer cage-free day care so your dogs can enjoy the company of other dogs and get exercise.  The best boarding schools and daycare centers take your puppy for a short walk to the potty rather than letting him rest indoors on the playground. Depending on your vacation schedule, dropping off your dog the day before your trip is more convenient because it eliminates stress and hassle.

Vacation Dog Boarding

Vacation Dog Boarding

Some pet parents can drop off their dogs and leave the kennel without worry, while others prefer to give their dogs their favorite treats before they leave. For example, if your dog has a favorite toy or likes to wear one of your t-shirts, consider packing these items with your dog as the kennel staff can ensure these items can be placed in the kennel. While you’re away, your dog can enjoy his favorite accessories and snuggle into that shirt when he’s snuggled up.

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If your dog follows a strict diet or eats special dog food, it is important to plan his meals before letting him into the kennel. With that in mind, grab a few gallon-sized storage bags and plan meals for each day you go. You can put the right amount of food in each storage bag and label them as breakfast, dinner, etc. Maintaining the same routine during the holidays will give them some comfort as the kennel staff will feed them according to your guidelines. The same applies to any medications your dog may be taking.

If you have more than one dog, it’s a good idea to keep them in the same kennel/kennel while on vacation. Some dogs seem to experience separation anxiety when their owners are gone for a few days, but if you bond with your pets, they can keep each other company during the holidays. Plus, if you leave your pet at a healthy dog ​​playground, you’ll receive a discount on services when you have multiple dogs.

As you finalize your vacation plans, remember the tips and advice above to keep your dog happy and healthy while you’re away! While we always want our dogs by our side when we travel, there are times when we can’t take them with us. We can try leaving them for a friend or family member; But if they can’t commit, there are some care options we can always rely on to give us peace of mind when we leave our favorite friends behind. Again, choosing between a dog hotel and a traditional dog boarding can be a little confusing for pet parents. So let’s give you a brief guide to these two pet care options to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from these facilities.

Kennels are animal boarding houses where you can leave your four-legged companion while you are away. These may be dog or cat boarding facilities that offer services to care for your pet while you travel. These kennel boarding facilities can be a traditional boarding-style kennel or a modern open-air hotel.

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A traditional dog boarding house is a simple type of boarding for dogs. This place usually has a special area for each dog. Some dogs are aggressive or very small, so some parents prefer to separate their dogs from other dogs.

However, some traditional kennels offer indoor and outdoor spaces with large fenced areas for dogs to play and are connected to a veterinarian’s office if necessary.

These kennels meet hygiene needs and keep dogs fed, exercised, and safe. This type of accommodation is best for social dogs who do not become overstimulated in such a busy environment.

Vacation Dog Boarding

If your dog has no special needs and you want a more affordable boarding option, a traditional kennel is a good choice.

Dos And Don’ts Of Boarding Your Dog

Boarding your dog in a traditional kennel means you can have a stress-free trip, as you can be sure that your pet will have all the basic needs, such as water, food and a place to sleep.

You are also pleased that the staff is willing to help in case of an emergency. Another advantage of keeping your dog in a traditional kennel is that it is cheaper than staying in a dog hotel. This is a great option when you need to leave your dog for short periods of time.

But even if your furry friend isn’t hungry or thirsty, a traditional kennel doesn’t have a dedicated staff to entertain your dog. Your dog won’t have much fun or play if you put him up in a hotel or hire a sitter.

The individual attention that traditional kennels cannot offer your four-legged friend is a significant disadvantage for these pet care facilities.

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From the looks of it, a dog hotel is a more sophisticated version of a traditional kennel. A dog or pet hotel can be classified as a first-class dog resort. Compared to traditional kennels, where each dog is kept in a separate cage, the hotel features a cage-free room with furniture and decorations.

Some hotels also have water features and a large playground. These facilities feature a kitchen that provides exceptional food for pets with specific dietary needs.

Dog hotels can be a little more expensive compared to dog boarding houses, but these facilities offer more amenities and services. Some hotels also have daycare centers where dogs can spend the day in various play areas and play with other dogs of the same size and temperament.

Vacation Dog Boarding

By taking your pet to a hotel, you can ensure they have regular interaction. The extra care provided by dog ​​hotel staff is important for pets suffering from separation anxiety. You can be assured that your pet will be cared for by kennel staff who are professionally trained in animal care.

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Dog restaurants provide nutritious food and can accommodate your pet with special dietary needs. They have plenty of space for your pet’s daily exercise and entertainment. Some hotels have daycare facilities separated by temperament, size and energy level so that each dog can safely enjoy socialization.

Some dog hotels also offer additional professional services, such as pet training classes and pet sitting, that will help improve your dog’s comfort during your stay.

But staying in a dog hotel also has its downsides. Most dogs have difficulty adapting because they don’t like being removed from their family environment. They may become anxious and stressed because they are not used to being taken care of by other people. Another downside is that dog hotels can be expensive with their services, especially if you choose a luxury dog ​​hotel.

Now that you know the difference between these two kennels, you need to know how to choose the best pet care option for your needs.

Planning For Vacation (dog Boarding Series) Part 1 Of 3 What To Plan In Advance

The first thing you should do is ask your friends or your local veterinarian for recommendations on good kennels in your area. Once you’ve collected some dog house names, you can Google their websites for reviews and get as much information as possible.

Of course, gathering information online isn’t as good as visiting an animal shelter in person. Once there, talk to the staff and watch how they interact with the facility’s dogs.

Know your general appearance. You must observe its cleanliness, safety and security. Also, ask if your veterinarian is on site or on call and can visit you in case of a pet emergency.

Vacation Dog Boarding

Taking some time and research before leaving your pet can give you peace of mind during a trip or vacation. Whether you choose a traditional kennel or a dog hotel, you know your dog is in good hands

How To Pick A Pet Boarding Kennel, An Insider’s Guide

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