Vacation Dog Shirts – Get the style you want with the Navy Sailor Dog shirt from the Navy Lovers collection. Boat and fish prints are the main elements of such a dog shirt! This set includes 2 designer dresses with different designs. Don’t forget the adorable sailboat/anchor look on this dog shirt. All the designs in this prize pack are simple, neat and beautifully designed and executed. There’s nothing fancy about this expensive package, but it will definitely be a great choice for various occasions, like an upcoming trip, spring break, summer vacation, and more.

Size Guide Measure your pet’s size carefully to make the right purchase. Please refer to the size chart for the recommended weight range to confirm your size.

Vacation Dog Shirts

Vacation Dog Shirts

Everything is so neat and clean. Indeed, these dresses for puppies (sea theme) are well made and look as expected. I have no affiliation with this company. I plan to buy more. Also, it’s my fault that the first order was too big. I changed to a smaller size, what’s happening? No problem.

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I purchased a 12 inch for a 9 pound Yorkie. It fits perfectly and is very cute. It was made with great care. Better quality than most dog shirts.

Great! I wish it wasn’t for sale! I want a size 8 dress that fits my micropom.

By Ellane May

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