Vacations With Pets Near Me – Some friends call me the “dog whisperer”. I treat all pets as my own. Probably your fur baby’s best friend after a session 🙂

Believe me, a dog is the only thing in the world that loves you more than itself. And they really deserve better! ♥️

Vacations With Pets Near Me

Vacations With Pets Near Me

• daily animal care when owners are at work; they usually stay at the owner’s house, so pets can stay in their familiar territory. — $100 per day (block of 6 hours). Additional $10 for each additional hour.

No Pet Fee Hotels

• Feed animals during the stay of the owners of the animals; they are usually in the owner’s home, so pets can stay in their family’s territory all the time – $120 per night (16-hour block including stay). Additional $10 for each additional hour.

• Walk with dog; for free time walking for fresh air and healthy living – $30 (1/2 hour/session)

• The dog runs/runs; for more energetic and athletic dogs who prefer a more active lifestyle (30 minutes/session) – $30 (1/2 hour/session)

• A beach day for dogs; likes to take the dog on a beach date. Including swimming in the sea (optional) and playing at Tanjong Beach / Siloso Beach: $250 (4 hours/session) Including car transport (to and from the pet’s home) and shower after the day.

Most Pet Friendly National Parks In The U.s

• Dog coffee; I love taking my fur babies for company. — $180 (3 hours/session) Includes car transportation and bar food.

Book now and enjoy a guarantee, in-house customer support, booking guarantee, secure cashless payments, no booking fees, no exchange fees, daily updates and more. It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy with work and the chaos of life, but I finally have time to share my recent pet retreat with you all! 🐶🏖️

🔸It was an extra SGD 80 per night for our Pixi, but the basket of dog treats, toys and accessories was worth every penny!👍🏻

Vacations With Pets Near Me

🔹We wanted a relaxing and stress-free vacation, so we booked a sofa bed at the Tanjong Beach Club (a short walk from the Sofitel).

Pet Staycations In Singapore: The Purr Fect Pet Friendly Hotels For A Pawsome Weekend

🔹Our friends joined us and we spent the day chilling, relaxing and sunbathing. And on top of that, Pixi had a lot of fun playing on the beach! 😍

Although I have to say it was too hot, we were constantly worried about her. 🥵 The heat can be unbearable for her and we didn’t want her to suffer from heatstroke. However, we were vigilant and took every precaution to keep her fresh, well hydrated and in the shade.💦

🥙For dinner, we tasted delicious Greek cuisine at Quayside’s Mykonos. The drinks were flowing, the food was simple but very good and the atmosphere was perfect.

Overall, I highly recommend a short break at Sofitel Sentosa Singapore for an unforgettable stay with your pets, complete with beach adventures for your fur baby.

Star Staycation Options For Pet Dogs In Singapore

Do you have any other suggestions for pet friendly hotels in Sentosa or Singapore where I can take Pixi next? Please let me know in the comments below. 😇

By Ellane May

Nice to share about Dog Friendly Vacations 2024 to you.

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