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I grew up in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains and had the opportunity to travel throughout northern California since childhood. So I searched for a lot of good dog trips in Northern California.

Weekend Getaways Near Me With Dogs

Weekend Getaways Near Me With Dogs

There’s a lot to see here, from towering redwood trees to beautiful coastal cliffs. Emily and I travel the world together, so we have a lot compared to what we have here. There are so many wonderful places to visit, but every time we return, we are lucky enough to call Northern California home.

Pet Friendly Getaways Near San Francisco

There aren’t many places like this. In two hours you can go from snow-capped mountains to towering redwoods and beautiful coastal cliffs. Northern California offers a variety of vacation spots that you and your dog will never forget. We travel frequently with our dogs, so we know how important it is to find places where you and your dog are welcome.

These are our favorite hikes with dogs in Northern California. We hope you find one or more. There are many ways to enjoy nature, beauty and memories, so if you’re ready, give it a try!

Immerse yourself in the beautiful Russian River in Sonoma County, where the woods and bohemian, artsy atmosphere create the perfect getaway for nature lovers and creative types alike. Here you can stroll through beautiful redwood forests, breathe in the fresh air, and experience the vibrancy of the fabulous local art scene. Unique boutiques, fashion stores and art galleries line the streets, inviting you to explore and experience the unique spirit of the area.

The owner of the house brings bread every morning and brings fresh bread to death. We fly all over the world to eat them!

Droolworthy Getaways For Dog Lovers

– Dog Policy: Very low fees, multiple dogs allowed with no weight restrictions, some small houses have small fences.

It’s on a gravel road in the woods next to a lake, so you’re just steps away from a great walk or swim with your dog.

Best for: Experience the magic of the redwoods, enjoy a creative getaway, and explore dog-friendly wineries, river activities, and local attractions.

Weekend Getaways Near Me With Dogs

We hope to complete the Russian River site in many years. It’s close to the Bay Area so it’s easy to get to. But when you’re there, the city seems far away. The Russian River, flowing through the redwoods, may seem like a fairy-tale world lost in time. Especially if the early morning fog is still hanging on the trees.

Dog Friendly Weekend Getaways In Northern California

The city of Guerneville invites you to an unforgettable experience. Not far from the city is the Armstrong Redwoods State Nature Preserve. Your dog can walk with you on busy roads. The roads are very close to large forests, giving you the opportunity to admire beautiful old trees.

Spend a day on the Russian River, go kayaking and canoeing, or relax on the water with your pup. Please note that only service animals are allowed on the main beach at Johnsons Beach, but there are parks and trails nearby.

Be sure to check out the Korbel Champagne cellars and visit pet-friendly wineries across the country, allowing you and your dog to experience the true nature of northern California together.

If that weren’t enough, the Russian River area is also a 30-minute drive from the beach. Most state beaches (like Goat Rock Beach in Jenner) allow dogs on leashes. Even further away is Dillon Beach.

Pet Friendly Getaway Near Me: How To Find Your Perfect Spot

San Francisco is a great place to vacation with your dog because it offers a wide variety of activities and places where you and your pet can enjoy the beautiful city and bridge scenery that makes the place beautiful.

This pet-friendly property includes a 5-story covered deck with parking, dog beds, treats, playdates with the owner’s dogs, and dog-friendly room service. included in the premium price (not included in some packages).

Here are a few things that will make your holiday better. Crissy Field is a beautiful park and beach located on the bay, perfect for a leisurely walk or active play with your dog. Marin County, located just north of the city, has amazing terrain with many trails for different fitness levels, making it an ideal destination for pet owners and their dogs. If you or your dog don’t want to spend time in the car, Golden Gate Park is over 1,000 acres and offers plenty of dog-friendly areas, such as an off-leash area and designated dog play areas. With so many opportunities for walking and outdoor fun, San Francisco is a great place for a fun and memorable vacation with your dog.

Weekend Getaways Near Me With Dogs

There are some great dog-friendly places in San Francisco. If you want to travel, visit them!

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Best for: A variety of information about your dog, cities, beaches, dog parks, art, food and music.

As visitors to San Francisco with our dogs, we’ve had many memorable experiences in this vibrant city. One of our favorite places to explore is Land’s End, where we enjoy off-leash areas, allowing our dogs to run and play freely among the beautiful beach scenery.

There’s never a shortage of restaurants in San Francisco, as the city has an endless variety of options, from dog-friendly restaurants to fine dining.

During our tours we took time to see the sights of the Golden Gate Bridge. We love the art and design that defines the unique landscape of downtown San Francisco. This summary is not true. If you want to learn more, we have a complete dog-friendly guide to San Francisco.

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It is important to note that petty crime has increased in the city in recent years. However, despite this, San Francisco is still a wonderful and rewarding trip for us and our dogs. We always look forward to our next visit to this charming city.

Carmel-by-the-Sea is one of the best places to visit with your dog. At Carmel Beach, you can take your dogs off leash, train them, and enjoy a great place to play with great views.

As visitors stroll through the beautiful city, they will find many homes that welcome people and their pets. Of course, it’s worth stopping by the Carmel dog store and trying out new breeds and breeds of dogs. It’s very close to Monterey, so there’s no end to the fun.

Weekend Getaways Near Me With Dogs

Best for: One of the best dog-friendly spots we’ve ever seen, off-leash beach, beautiful downtown, Refuge Spa (no dogs, but worth it).

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Carmel is one of our favorite places. There are many dog ​​kennels here that are ideal for a weekend visit. You can dip your toes in the sand for a few hours, maybe go for a walk, come back in the evening and enjoy a good wine at sunset. It’s hard to go wrong. If you’re looking for a place to stay, we have a curated list of dog-friendly accommodations in Carmel.

Also, don’t tell your dog because it’s not allowed, but if you can drive for two hours, there is an amazing spa called Refuge. They have everything: hot and cold baths, sauna, steam room. Sheltering is one of our favorite things to do when we’re there.

4. Wine Country (Napa, Calistoga). Why Napa is a great weekend getaway or day trip from the Bay Area.

Napa Valley Wine Country, with its vineyards and rolling hills, is a great place to spend a few days with your beloved pup. A range of pet-friendly accommodations and activities are great options for dog owners.

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The pet policy allows up to 3 dogs per room and they can join you for lunch on the on-site restaurant patio.

Calistoga, a beautiful city known for its spas, invites you and your dog to have a new experience at the Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa.

Wine lovers are spoiled for choice at dog-friendly wineries such as Hall Wines and St. Claire Brown Winery. You can enjoy a wine tasting while your dog watches.

Weekend Getaways Near Me With Dogs

Kennedy Park also offers a quiet place for leisurely strolls.

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