What To Do With Dog While On Vacation – As loving cat owners, grandparents, and former dog owners, we know how difficult it can be knowing what to do with our pet while traveling.

Whether you’re going away for a week or six months, there are three main options you have for your pet when you go on vacation. You can have someone look after your pet at your home, take it to another location, or take it with you. What you do with it depends on the length of your trip, the amount of money you’re willing to spend, and how much you trust others to care for your extended family.

What To Do With Dog While On Vacation

What To Do With Dog While On Vacation

For us, keeping the cat at home and hiring a pet sitter works well for short trips. In the past we asked a neighbor to look after her, but as our friends were busy with their children and working it became more difficult, so we found it easier to hire someone.

Tips On Finding The Perfect Pet Sitter

The biggest downside to hiring a babysitter is that it can be quite expensive. $20 per visit is about the same, which can add up on long trips. Professionals are generally reliable (but check references) and know how to care for animals. Our pets are also first aid trained, insured and connected. Pet visits are typically daily for cats and twice daily for dogs.

Note: Although they are not professionals, we know many people who have been lucky enough to find a home with a pet and trusted guardians.

We opted for pet sitting for short trips before our dear old cat passed away. We found a lady we loved and it was good to know our senior cat was in good hands when we left. He comes to our house several times a day to play with him, feed him and even send us messages and photos of his condition.

Another option is Rover. We haven’t tried the Rover yet, but I will in a few weeks when I help my mom find a sitter for her cats. Rover is a website that connects you with dog walkers, pet sitters and pet sitters. It was originally created with dogs and the name Rover in mind, but there are many cats as well.

Our Guide To A Great Dog Friendly Travel Option: Volunteering

This is generally the least expensive option and is best if your pet knows their sitter. The downside is that if your person sees it as more fun than a job, they may not be responsible for paying anyone.

If you want to make things easier for them, consider getting a fountain or automatic feeder for your pet.

Want to stream your favorite shows on the go? It’s annoying not being able to access local websites when we travel.

What To Do With Dog While On Vacation

To overcome this, we use a VPN when traveling. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be set up on a smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop. It protects your privacy when using public Wi-Fi and you can also stream your favorite TV shows from home.

Going On Vacation: Will My Dog Think I Abandoned Them?

Pets often live in your home forever, so they receive the same care you give them. The animals receive constant supervision and attention.

Since a housekeeper lives in your home while you are away, you need to make sure she has access to all your belongings. This is generally a cheaper option because you’re trading in pet care, although some pet sitters charge extra. Probably the most popular and largest site for finding homes and pets through Trusted Housesitters.

Most pet sitters will also care for your pet in their home. A pet sitter usually lives with several animals who can provide companionship for your pet. The pet sitter will understand the risks of bringing a new pet into their home and will generally know how to care for them. Depending on the size of their business, they may offer private accommodation or live with them as a family member.

During our trip, our cat Cosmo stayed with Mickey’s mom. He enjoyed everything Grandma’s cat cafe had to offer, including daily cleaning, all the Temptations cat food he could eat, lounging in the sun, and chasing mice in the tall grass. Two words: cat heaven. Once we begged him to come back with us. 🙂 Cosmo passed away a while ago, in his 20s, but it was good to know he was in good hands when we left.

Your Pet While You’re On Vacation: Will It Tag Along?

Since your pet may already be accustomed to the place and person, this can be a great choice, especially if they are familiar with your pet and their pets. Since you already know them, trust shouldn’t be an issue. This is probably the cheapest option if you want to keep your pet outside of your home.

A professional service should have a good understanding of animals and how to care for them. These services have facilities and staff equipped to care for your pet. However, your pet may stay in a cage longer than you want. That said, there are some pretty cool houses out there. Be sure to check the information and consider taking your pet for a short trial. There are thousands of kennels in every major city, but most of them accept cats and other pets.

Most veterinarians have full-time veterinary and animal care services. This can be a good situation if your pet has health issues or you are concerned about their health care. Many veterinarians work in veterinary clinics and have facilities that will accommodate your pet, whether it is a dog, cat, bird or turtle.

What To Do With Dog While On Vacation

Hiring a volunteer to help care for your pet is an inexpensive option, as you usually only need food and supplies, although a small fee may be appreciated. You may be able to find a volunteer to care for your pet at shelters and humane societies. Volunteers have a genuine love for animals and your pets will likely have the company of several other animals in their care.

The *only* Way To Leave Your Dogs While On Vacation

Taking your pet with you can be a good choice if you are traveling by car or motorbike, or if you plan to stay in one place for a long time. Be aware of border requirements for pets entering a new country. Some countries, such as England, have long imposed bans on the entry of animals into the country. Other countries do not allow it and only require proof of vaccination and a certificate of good health from a veterinarian.

Make sure you can trust the person caring for your pet. Whether it’s a company or a professional employee you don’t know, always ask for information. If your pet lives elsewhere, look around to get an idea of ​​how clean and healthy other pets are. If possible, take your pet there first so they get used to the place, but you can reassure them. Bring toys and familiar objects to make their stay more enjoyable. Also make sure they have your emergency contact information, your pet’s special needs and, if possible, a local contact who can care for you in your absence.

In general, cats are more comfortable in their own homes and don’t need the constant attention that a dog does. If your trip is short, it may be best to have someone check on him every day and make sure his litter box is changed. Cats should have enough food and water to last a few extra days in case your tenant calls unexpectedly.

Dogs are generally more sociable than cats and require constant attention. It is best for a dog to live with someone, either in your home or elsewhere. Ideally, let your dog sit in a place he is used to. It’s common for dogs left at home when their owners are traveling to spend most of the day guarding the door waiting for you to come home. It’s also common for dogs left elsewhere to act strange, so make sure the person caring for them likes them more.

Leaving Pets At Home For Vacation

Pets tend to adapt to their surroundings and some pets really enjoy the attention they receive when their owners are away for long periods of time. Whether they live at the nearest dog store or live with Grandma and her four other cats, you might be surprised how well they’ll do.

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