Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation – I regretted buying a puppy – it ruined my life

Debbie Marco with her dog Lenny: “A simple walk can be stressful and make me cry when pedestrians and cyclists yell at me”

Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation

Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation

I’ve wanted a dog since I was little. While other kids dreamed of traveling the world or making a fortune, my goals were always four legs and a tail. My parents never let me get a dog, so it remained a dream.

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Fast forward to today and I finally have the dog of my dreams – a 17 month old Hungarian Vizsla named Lenny. I knew I wasn’t the easiest breed, but I fell in love with their energetic, loving nature. I read books and forums to prepare and quickly grilled every Vizla owner I met about their experiences, especially the negative ones. Even my sister’s warning that a dog would limit our social life and be expensive didn’t dissuade me.

The truth is that it is almost impossible to leave your dog’s house in his first year of life. Like most dogs, Vizslas can’t be left alone for more than four hours at a time, but days will make that impossible until you build it up in small increments.

We spent a lot of time in a semi-detached house outside London. Fortunately, although our garden is not huge, we live near parks and our spacious house can accommodate him and his silly tail.

But besides not being able to leave the house, we couldn’t have visitors because of the “shark”: a puppy with teeth and basically bites you, your kids, your clothes and destroys everything it sinks into. teeth Lenny made my 10 year old daughter cry several times by chewing on her leg/favorite sweater. She opened her sharp little pin teeth and we yelled “arm yourself with the toy”.

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But what about the brisk walks and runs we miss? They couldn’t happen because he was limited to short walks a few times a day to protect his growing limbs, and he ran out of running cards in the first year.

My dog’s remorse grew rapidly. The dog that was supposed to unite our family not only kept us at home, but my husband and I got to spend time together with the puppy and babysit.

After a CBT course and a senior dog trainer, Debbie’s anxiety is under control, as is Lenny’s.

Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation

As a large dog – Lenny weighs 32kg – it doesn’t help that he’s not fully mature until he’s at least two years old, but most people expect him to be well behaved.

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At the same time, he is an enthusiastic dog who likes to jump on people (especially small children who are afraid of him), ride a bike and chase runners to say hello.

A simple walk with Lenny can be stressful and filled with tears – usually mine. For months I was chased by runners, cyclists and pedestrians.

“Keep it in front,” they chided as Lenny once again ignored my reminder. The parent threatened to call the police on me, and the kids ran around screaming, apparently scared of Lenny, causing so much tension that I couldn’t bring him back. When he was taken into custody I was on my knees apologizing and silently begging my father to carry out his threat and report us to the police so that Lenny would be taken away and I would be free again.

Every time we think we can trust him, he runs after an unsuspecting cyclist or jogger, insults me and apologizes.

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I read tons of books, watched endless YouTube videos, and texted my dog ​​trainer every day to improve his behavior.

I invested in a long exercise – which broke my toe and nearly broke Lenny’s leg from the bandage, resulting in a month off the garden and a £2,400 vet bill.

Not surprisingly, when my husband left the country for five weeks to work overseas, I experienced what I can only describe as a minor disturbance.

Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and felt like a complete idiot when I cried to my therapist because my dog ​​was causing me so much stress that I couldn’t sleep or eat: it wasn’t my life as a dog owner. Let’s believe

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However, I am not alone with my pet peeve; Recent statistics from the financial advice platform Forbes Advisors show that three out of ten Britons regret buying a dog.

It’s no wonder Psychotherapist Kamalyn Kaur (kamalynkaur.com) says many people “sugar coat” their experiences with pets because they don’t want to admit or forget how difficult it is. Really bad timing.

In order not to regret your decision, Kamalin recommends that you think deeply before buying a pet and be realistic about what it might take to take care of something that depends on you.

“Ask yourself if you have the time, lifestyle and finances to provide the care your pet needs.” “Ask yourself why you want this pet. Is it because you broke up or are you lonely?’

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Clinical animal behaviourist Emily Birch (canineconsultancy.co.uk) agrees that many people tend to romanticise dog ownership and often fail to acknowledge the dark feelings of regret she calls ‘post-puppy depression’.

“People don’t talk about how scary the first year of owning a dog can be,” says Emily. “The worst age is 11 months to two years. After that, you have a mature dog whose behavior is more exciting and appropriate.

However, she stresses that it’s important to train your dog to behave and that you can’t rely on it growing up.

Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation

“Dogs have their own personalities,” says Emily. “Some are sad and excited and some are confident. You don’t really know what you’re doing, but you can still teach the basics.

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Emily’s advice is to find an ethical dog trainer, but she also says that if your dog isn’t right for you, it’s best to rehome it. If you are considering rehoming, contact your breeder or local rescue center for professional help. But you are the only person who can decide if you are ready to give up your dog. It may be perfect for someone else in different situations where you have more time or space to give to your dog.

After a CBT course and an excellent dog trainer, my anxiety is finally under control and so is Lenny. Vacations abroad are off the agenda, but some friends still avoid visiting for fear of dogs, because no one wants to take care of them. My house is constantly dirty and covered in dog hair and I learned to ignore the holes he digs in the garden.

I’m not ready to rehome Lenny yet – I don’t think my kids will forgive me – so I’m hoping that a lot of practice and some growing up will make him love and regret it more. Many cats are home alone when they return to the office and school…some for the first time! However, you shouldn’t feel guilty about leaving your dog at home while you’re at work. Someone needs to get better. 

All of us here at Hounds Lounge are dog lovers, so we understand how difficult it can be to give up your fur pups. Luckily, we can provide you with tips for dog daycare and dog grooming in Arkansas! To put your mind at ease, we’ve put together some tips to help you and your dog spend a guilt-free and stress-free workday.

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Below are some steps you should take before leaving your cat home alone.

Determine where your dog will stay when you are away and make it as comfortable as possible. Some dogs can be trusted with free reign of the entire house, while others should be confined to just one room. No matter where your dog walks, whether it’s a kennel, a bed or an outdoor kennel, make sure he has access to a comfort zone. 

A comfort zone is a place where dogs can sleep and feel safe. If you have a puppy, make sure its comfort zone is away from puppy pads or grass pads – you don’t want to mix the bedroom with the bathroom. 

Where To Leave My Dog While On Vacation

When you’re home, make sure your pooch spends a lot of time in his safe space so he feels completely comfortable when you’re gone.

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Important note: Although it is common for dogs to sleep at weddings at night, we do not recommend keeping a dog in a cage.

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